Kelly has become very attached to a little frog sticker and a ring. Over the past week she has been taking these two items with her everywhere. Anytime someone notices (which it is hard not to because she shoves them under their nose) she proudly exclaims, “This is my special ring and special sticker. They are special because they are from my mom.” Sweet preciousness, isn’t it? The only thing is… I am her mom (at least the only one I’m aware of) and I did not give her that ring and sticker. I honestly have no idea who gave these two things to her and why on earth she thinks it was me, but she does. Even today, she came home from school and told me that her friend wanted to try on her ring, and she let her but told her “not to lose it because it is special and is from my mom.”

I guess I will take the credit for now, but if Kelly’s real treasure giving mom could please stand up, I have some college tuition funds set up that I would be more than happy to let you contribute to! In the meantime, thanks for the ring and sticker. She loves them.