Kelly and Ella are really close. In fact, sometimes Ella chooses to go to Kelly instead of me when she needs comforting. Kelly has such a nurturing quality about her… she is a natural born mother.

I am excited about having another girl, but at the same time I am worried about what bringing another girl into the mix will do to the relationship Kelly & Ella have. You know how sometimes having three “friends” is just too much and there is always someone left out or conflict? I just hope that doesn’t happen with these three. I know realistically that things won’t always be perfect, but I hope that Ella and Kelly can remain close, even through those times of jealousy that I know is sure to occur.

Mama – When Baby Get Here?

I know it has been forever since I’ve written over here and I am really disappointed in myself about that. My kids are growing up so quickly and I really want to do a better job of capturing the moments… I just haven’t been.

So, in the sake of wanting to remember this one, I’m writing a quick Ella post.

Ella’s newest thing that she started this week is to ask, 10+ times a day… “Mama, when baby get here?” I respond, “In May, right before your birthday.” She then says, “My birthday? Yay! I love baby come on my birthday.”

I know, nothing hilarious, but I just think it is so cute that she keeps asking and then gets excited about it. Little does she know how much this little baby is going to rock her precious world!

Pole Dancing

Ella loves to dance. An even stronger love she has is taking off her clothes. Ella can’t stand to have clothes on. I know… quite the future she has, isn’t it? Dancing and stripping.

If we are at home, Ella immediately takes off her clothes and either puts on a swimsuit or her PJ’s. In fact, even when we are in public, Ella tries to take off her clothes. Just ask Shalee. We met for coffee yesterday morning and while we were there… smack in the middle of a public place, Ella proceeded to take off her clothes. Nice first impression, wasn’t it Shalee?

The other day we were all at Splash Cove, an outdoor aquatic center in Shawnee. Rock music was playing and Ella was sitting at the picnic bench bopping her head to the music. She stood up and I said “Are you going to dance?” She nodded and then proceeded to find the nearest pole and began a lovely pole dancing routine.

So, dear readers, now my youngest is an accomplished pole dancing stripper. Let’s just hope she is getting it out of her system now!