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Paula Deen Raspberry Parfait - Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine

Berry Overindulgence (Recipe: Paula Deen’s Raspberry Parfaits)

School starts in two weeks from today. Jacob is so ready to go back to school and is it bad if I say that I am really ready for him to go back to school? Kelly will be in school all day (last year it was just half day Kindergarten) and I’m really not ready […]

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Valentine’s Day – Mommy Style (Strawberry Shortcake Trifle)

Dr Laura Schlessinger wrote something in her book The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands that really made me step back and think about the pressure I was putting on my husband to really do something outstanding this one day a year.  She said that a lot of the phone calls into her show were […]

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I was reading an article on BlogHer the other day about how blogging has now become a mainstream activity for women. I certainly believe this. It seems like everytime I turn around I see a new blog pop up somewhere. Especially in the food blog world… there are so many talented women and men contributing […]

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