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Bad Guys & Apple Bars

When I was much younger, 6th or 7th grade,  I spent the night at my friend Ginny McReynolds house. It was a warm night and as we got into her bed I pulled the light blankets up over me, and then did as I often did and maneuvered myself so my feet stuck out at […]

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Table Talk – Food, Family, Love

Recently, I was asked what I was passionate about. What subject really got my engines revving? At the time, I mentioned that I had strong feelings about certain subjects, but could not think of any that I was extremely passionate about. Then, I knew just the thing… family meal time. I am passionate about family […]

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There was a time…

There was a time in my life when I used to buy all of my intimate apparel at Victoria’s Secret. I would not be caught dead without a matching bra and pantie ensemble on and that matching ensemble had to have the same colors in it as my outfit did. Even though people would not […]

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