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Dr Phil, Love & Expectations

Dr. Phil, Love and Expectations…Ramblings on Valentine’s Day

Did I ever tell you about the time ten years ago when my husband and I were invited to be on The Dr. Phil Show? I don’t think I have… Let me give you some back story first. When I was in high school, on Valentine’s Day every year, our school office would be overloaded […]

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strawberry salad with poppy seed dressing

The Happiness Report #6

It seems kind of wrong to be posting about happiness today. The tragedy and devastation going on in Japan is so sad. I’ve found it hard to tear myself away from the news and worrying about those people still searching for their loved ones. I can’t even fathom what they are going through, and I […]

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Hand Me Downs

My husband and I have an ongoing disagreement about hand me downs. When our children outgrow their undies, I do not believe they should be passed on… to a younger sibling, to Goodwill, to cousins.. to anyone. Yes, I know they are washed and clean but I just have issues with that kind of undergarment […]

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A Matter of Time

I was thinking tonight how much my husband and I view time differently. He, like many men, is one of those people who can sit down and watch the same movie… over and over and over again. I, on the other hand, rarely will watch the same movie twice. I think that there are so […]

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Help me spice things up with the hubby!

My sweet husband is constantly asking me what I want for Christmas. Even though I give him a suggestion or two here and there, he never seems to remember (or write it down, for that matter). The other day I was browsing the Smitten Kitchen blog and was oooohhhing and ahhhhhing during the tour of […]

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