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Dinner Club #4 Farm Fresh (Recipe Mojo Beef Kabobs)

We had our fourth dinner club this past weekend and had such a great time. Each and every time we have dinner club makes me wish that I had the money and resources to have people over every single weekend. I absolutley am in my element when a group of friends are gathered around the […]

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Retirement Community Observations

Spending a vacation in a South Texas retirement community brings on some interesting observations from a 34 and younger point of view. Just because older people have bigger ears, does not mean they can hear better (keenly observed by my 4 year old). For older men, shorts and knee-high socks seems to be the hottest […]

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Cheddar Bacon Wrapped Hamburgers

When I was a young girl, I did not like to eat anything messy. Hamburgers were condiment free. I couldn’t stand Barbecue because of the mess it made all over your hands, face and clothes. I ate my ice cream only out of bowls… not out of cones because I hated to have melting ice […]

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