The “Reinvent a Classic” Challenge with Alexia Fries

Alexia SP Fries

I’ll admit that sometimes being a food blogger is tough work. Slaving over the stove each day, trying out new recipes, sampling this and that…all for you, our dear readers. For example, guess what challenge I am currently taxed with? Creating a new Fench fry flavor for Alexia foods! It is going to require day…

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Thou Shalt Not Judge (Recipe – Rib Rub That Rocks)

My husband came home from work the other day and said “Do you ever talk to Tabitha?”, referring to a mom we both know. “Yes” I replied. “Sometimes… why?” “I don’t know… I just got off the phone with her and she is kind of spacey. She just doesn’t seem to have it all together.”…

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My grade school friend, Jennifer Treiber, was the daughter of our school cafeteria cook. You know how most people complain about school food? Well, I cannot relate to such nonsense. Our school cafeteria had the best food. Poor Boy sandwiches that I have never had anything compare to. Chicken Supreme that was too good to…

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