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Save the Date for Soup-a-Palooza

Baby, it’s cooooold outside! I think it is high time we celebrate one of our favorite comfort foods.…… SOUP! Soup is one of those things that everyone can equate back to their childhood. My mom always made the best chicken noodle soup, served on our silver “sick tray” in bed when we were under the […]

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Pizza Hut Winners and Another Giveaway!

Whitney, Stacy and Cathy… today is your lucky day! The Random Number Generator selected you all as the three winners for the Pizza Hut gift certificates. Soon you will have the chance to try their new Tuscani Pasta and an order of breadsticks. Congratulations to you and thanks to everyone for participating. A special thanks […]

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Pizza Hut Tuscani Pasta Giveaway

I grew up living in the country and all of my friends lived in town. I remember always being jealous of the folks in town because they could have Pizza Hut delivered to their homes. We lived too far out, so if we wanted pizza, we either had to go all the way into town […]

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