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Begging and Pleading (Recipe: Oven Roasted Pumpkin Seeds)

I’ve been blogging…really I have. It just hasn’t been here. I have been fervently trying to keep up with all the newbie bloggers who have submitted applications for adoptions in the Adopt a Blogger program. I literally have an inbox stuffed full of people who are looking for someone a little more experienced to adopt […]

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Have You Adopted a Blogger Today? (Recipe: Zippy Chicken Mushroom Soup)

So, guess what? I’ve got some news to share with you! Adopt-a-Blogger is officially up and running on it’s very own site! Yep… The blog mentoring program that us foodies have come to know and love has moved from Dine & Dish to it’s very own space out in Internet land. What does this mean […]

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Look At That Face

I cannot walk into a pet store when there is a pet adoption going on. I know my limits, and resisting sweet little puppies and kittens, dogs and cats is not something I can do. Let me tell you a little story to go along with this. I was very pregnant with Kelly, my 2nd […]

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