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All Grown Up

When I turned 16, I was finally allowed to date. For a constantly boy crazy girl, I felt like sixteen would never come and when it did, I took full advantage of it! I dated some pretty nice guys, but one guy, who ended up becoming my boyfriend for a few years, taught me more […]

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Something Ordinary

(First of all… are you already having Tastespotting withdrawl like I am? Luckily Food Gawker has stepped in to take over where Tastespotting left off! Check it out!) As someone who writes for a food blog and other food related sites, and someone who also loves to read food blogs, I can admit that often […]

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Pet Peeve

I try not to let too many things get to me… really I don’t, but sometimes people just push a button one too many times and I get annoyed enough to say something. I will probably get reamed for this, and that is fine, but if I see one more person flaming someone else about […]

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