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Leah TAble

Seeing Clearly (Recipe: Cast Iron Skillet Potatoes)

Last night, I returned from a long weekend in San Francisco where I had attended the BlogHer 2010 Food Conference. I was overly exhausted, but perked up the second I saw my husband and four kids peeking through the airport gate, waving enthusiastically at me. I walked closer and when I was close enough I […]

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Mythical Balance (Recipe: Just Like Lambert’s Thrown Rolls)

If it hasn’t been clear by my lack of posts lately, I seem to be having a very difficult time with balance. People say “don’t worry about it, Kristen… you’ll find your “me” time again”. Or, “why worry about blogging?” is something I often get from non-bloggers…people who don’t understand the therapeutic nature of getting […]

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Blogging Mentors (Recipe – Chocolate Cocoa Pancakes)

My Grandma Sumner was an extremely charitable woman. Even though she had a pretty tough life, her attitude was one of positiveness and looking forward instead of behind. Her house always had bowls of dog and cat food outside for any stray animals that came around. She had numerous people in her neighborhood who considered […]

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Through My Lens (Recipe: Black Pepper Shrimp)

At the “conference you all are probably tired of hearing about” last weekend, I had the most wonderful opportunity to spend the evening with 25 awesome and well respected food bloggers. It may sound cheesy to some, but that had to have been one of the best parts of the the entire weekend for me. […]

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Insecurity (Recipe – Corn Flake Waffles)

(Check out the before/after for this food photo and learn some food photography tips by checking out Culinary Snapshot!) I am usually a fairly confident and secure person, but for some reason lately I have been hit with a dose of insecurity. I think part of it is starting the Culinary Snapshot blog. I feel […]

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Julie & Julia Blog of the Day

I want to cover a couple of things with this post. First of all, I was thrilled to be contacted a couple of weeks ago to see if I would be interested in having Dine & Dish be the blog of the day for July 1st on the Sony Pictures site for the movie Julie […]

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A tasty tilapia recipe that will turn even your pickiest of seafood eaters into a fan from dineanddish.net

Tasty Tilapia Recipe

This tasty Tilapia Recipe can be your ultimate “fast food” on a busy weeknight! Make it today and turn even your pickiest of fish eaters into fans! I’ve been blogging for close to 3 years now and apparently I haven’t learned a darn thing in the time that I have been doing this. One of […]

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Copycat Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

Copycat Pumpkin Pancakes

Copycat Pumpkin Pancakes, just like the ones they serve at your favorite local pancake house. But now you can make them right at home with this recipe! I seem to be out of words tonight, but luckily sometimes there are things that don’t need much of an introduction. This Copycat Pumpkin Pancakes recipe is an […]

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The Hazards of Blogging

May I be frank for a moment? Since we are in the middle of Adopt-a-Blogger, I thought that this might be the perfect time to write about something that has been on my mind for quite some time. The Hazards of Blogging. No… I don’t mean getting flour on your camera and cake batter on […]

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Hand Me Downs

My husband and I have an ongoing disagreement about hand me downs. When our children outgrow their undies, I do not believe they should be passed on… to a younger sibling, to Goodwill, to cousins.. to anyone. Yes, I know they are washed and clean but I just have issues with that kind of undergarment […]

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