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Bacon Cheddar Bay Beer Bread Biscuits from www.dineanddish.net

Recipe: Bacon Cheddar Bay Beer Bread Biscuits

Before I start my post, about how much I love Kansas Farmers and share this fabulous Bacon Cheddar Bay Beer Bread Biscuit recipe with you, I wanted to pass on this bit of news with you… See that banner? Yes, the one that says you can win BACON for a year? Well click on it […]

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The Very Best Beer Bread Recipe

Heat it Up {Recipe: Beer Bread}

“>Pin It You’ll have to excuse the inappropriateness of this post. I fully understand your position.. it’s 100 zillion degrees outside and the last thing you want to be tempted with is something that requires you to turn on your oven. Baking. In the heat of the summer. Who does that? I do! And you […]

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Have you ever had a really strong belief about something only to be proven wrong? There are so many things these days that if you base it on face value without doing your research, eventually you will be proven wrong. Let me give you an example. You know how when you go to pick up […]

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