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For the Dads {Recipe: Hawaiian Meatball Subs}

King's Hawaiian Meatball Sub from dineanddish.net

A Father's Day recipe for meatball subs with a Hawaiian touch and made with King's Hawaiian Mini Sub Rolls.  Father's Day is this weekend... yay dads! Don't you think dads are the hardest to buy for? I struggle every year for both my husband and my dad when it comes to father's day gifts. One year I got my husband a lawn mower and he was ecstatic, but it felt so wrong. I mean, it's pretty much the equivalent of him buying me a vacuum for mother's day. No one wants things that reminds them of all the chores they have left to do around the house for Mother's Day, do they? Well, I guess if it was a really nice high end vacuum I'd maybe have a different opinion, but still...I'm pretty sure that things that remind us of our to-do list which is ten miles long are not acceptable gifts. … [Continue reading]

Summer Travel Series – Holland, Michigan

Travel Holland Michigan Vacation Guide

Last summer, I posted on Facebook that my family was looking for a family friendly vacation spot within a one day drive from Kansas City. I expected to hear things like Galveston, TX or Minneapolis, MN, but what I didn't expect was an overwhelming number of people giving the highest accolades to Michigan. People were praising Michigan's white sandy beaches, clear blue lakes, fabulous food, great scenery, fun things to do and more! So many people brought up Michigan as their favorite vacation spot that I knew we had to check it out. I am so glad we listened to all the praise because in the summer of 2013 my family vacationed in a gem of a town called Holland, Michigan. It was a 10 hour drive from where I live on the west side of Kansas City...pretty much straight highway the entire way. Holland isn't as far as the Upper Peninsula (YOOP) of Michigan, but this little gem of a city is a family vacation destination worth spending some time in. I pretty much insta-hoed our family vacation and took tons of pictures, sharing them on Instagram and Facebook. Several people since have asked me about how we liked Holland, so I thought I'd share some of that today! (Spoiler Alert... we loved Holland and I would seriously go back every single year if I could!) … [Continue reading]

Pistachio Avocado Quick Bread and a Giveaway!

Pistachio Avocado Quick Bread from dineanddish.net

Diamond Pistachio Nuts and Avocados come together for a tender and flavorful quick bread. The other day I was feeling a bit full of myself, bragging about my love of baking and how even the summer heat doesn't keep me from turning on the oven. Then, I went into my kitchen and whipped up a loaf of this Pistachio Avocado Quick Bread, loaded with those shelled Diamond Pistachio Nuts I told you about when I made that amazing Toffee Brittle. This loaf bakes for an hour in a pretty hot oven. As I was cleaning up in the kitchen, and sweat was dripping off my forehead, I started thinking "maybe I'm not actually cut out for baking in the summer heat!" I was miserably hot...and our air conditioner was on! Or so I thought... turns out our air conditioner was broken and my love for summer baking was not. I recovered, our air conditioner got fixed, and I went on to boast my fondness for baking in the summer! … [Continue reading]

Recipe: Bacon and California Avocado Fries

Flavorful Bacon California Avocado Fries by www.dineanddish.net

Bacon and California Avocado Fries are a flavorful snack or appetizer when you are looking for something just a little bit different! We are almost a week into summer break and my kids are already expecting me to feed them 3 meals a day, plus snacks. What's up with kids thinking they need to be fed all the time? :) Seriously though, my biggest challenges during the summer revolve around keeping the children well fed. It seems like between the pool, sports activities and getting things checked off our Summer Bucket List, we are either on the go during meal time or popping in the house for a short bit before we head onto our next thing. My kids like to call the way I feed them during the summer "snackie summer meals". I'll admit it...feeding my kids great lunches during the summer isn't my forte. When they aren't home with me, I'm used to just grabbing an avocado, sandwich or bowl of cereal and calling it good! For some reason, that doesn't always fly with them!  … [Continue reading]

Coffee Tuesdays with Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreads

PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spread in Blueberry

Recently, I started hosting a weekly coffee hour for friends at my house. It has been a really great chance for anyone who needs a quick break in their morning to come over and relax for a bit while catching up with friends. I'm calling it "Two Handed Coffee Hour" - inspired by a blog post on Over The Sycamore where Ashley talks about how drinking your coffee with two hands forces you to slow down and enjoy the moment a little more. I hope my friends who come are enjoying this respite in the week as much as I am! … [Continue reading]