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College Talk {Recipe: The Best Coffee Cake with Blackberry Glaze}

The Best Coffee Cake Recipe with Blackberry Glaze on dineanddish.net

Three out of the four of my kids have started school as of today. My oldest starts tomorrow, which means he and I got to spend part of the morning together without any of his siblings around. That kind of one on one time rarely happens around here, so it's a pretty special thing. Of course, I was about ready to duct tape his mouth shut about an hour into our morning when he decided now would be a good time to remind me just how little time he has left at home before heading off to college. SIX years. What the heck? Then he continued to do the math for the rest of my kids, which was absolutely unnecessary. His mention of 6 years had already thrown me into a tailspin of disbelief and after that everything he said afterwards was pretty much "blah blah blah blah" in my head. When it comes to my babies, I am in no way whatsoever even remotely close to prepared for thinking about the day I have to send them off to college. Denial is happily my middle name. … [Continue reading]

Bed and Breakfast Style Peach Crunch Muffins Recipe

Bed and Breakfast Style Peach Crunch Muffins from dineanddish.net

My attempt to re-create a Peach Crunch Muffin recipe we had at a Bed and Breakfast in Martha's Vineyard was a success! "He said no! He said no? Did he really just tell me no to my request for his Peach Granola muffin recipe?" My husband looked at me like I'd gone crazy. "Yes, I'm pretty sure he said no and that if you liked the muffins you'll just have to come back again sometime." "Well..." hmph.  … [Continue reading]

Take Back Mornings with Starbucks {Giveaway}

Enter to win a Starbucks K-Cup Pike Place gift pack with a Starbucks tumbler and Moleskine Coffee Notes book

School is starting and I'm ready to take back my morning routine, with the help of Starbucks!  Leah starts school tomorrow and as much as I'm not ready for school to start, there is a part of me ready to take back my mornings. You know, "happy hour"? The time I wrote about way back when where I wake up early in the morning and have an hour to myself before everyone else gets up. I use that unplugged time to drink my morning coffee, read the newspaper, catch up on my happiness book and more. I treasure that time, but will be honest when I say during the summer, when getting up early is optional, sleeping in has won out. I am slowly starting to take back my mornings. When I wake up early and have that time to myself, the entire household seems to run better. Because of my morning "me time", I feel more organized and on top of it and ready to deal with the chaos that is getting 4 kids ready for school and out the door.  … [Continue reading]

5 Perfect Hostess Gift Ideas from HMK

5 Perfect Hostess Gift Ideas from HMK

I've partnered with HMK to share a selection of my favorite hostess gift ideas! Finding the perfect, and let's face it... unique, hostess gift can be hard. I don't know about you, but I tend to always just go for a bottle of wine and a card. However, isn't that what everyone does? Wouldn't you like for your hostess gift to stand out and be memorable? Well, HMK, the newest boutique concept store by Hallmark, has pulled me through my hostess gift buying rut. They have a plethora of truly great, unique ideas to give to the next hostess with the mostest you encounter! Here are a few of my favorites! … [Continue reading]

Rough Days {Recipe: Peaches and Cream No Bake Cheesecake}

Peaches and Cream No Bake Cheesecake Recipe from DineandDish.net

Smooth and creamy PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese and fresh, summer peaches are the perfect pair in this Peaches and Cream No Bake Cheesecake Dessert Recipe. No one likes to have a bad day... but if you are going to have a bad day, it would be a nice coincidence if it happened on National Cheesecake Day (July 30th). If you follow me on Instagram (and I'd love to have you, by the way) you may have noticed that the Dine & Dish family has hit a little bit of a rough patch this past weekend. What started out as a fun filled day at Grand Falls in Joplin, MO... ...turned into Kelly breaking her leg (tibia and fibula right up by her knee and possibly something wrong with her hip). She'll be spending the rest of the summer in a full cast, with crutches and a wheelchair. So, bad day? Indeed. … [Continue reading]