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What kind of fool…?

  What kind of fool has her oven on during the middle of the day when it is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk outside? You know what? I am that kind of fool. I am the kind of fool that was tempted last week by a Banana Cake photo and article […]

Blueberries Get Their Day to Shine

  First of all, let me get some of the vacation details out of the way. Our vacation was really nice, minus all the bonding time we had in the car. I love my family, but 40 hours in the car reverses the love we developed for each other from the first 20 hours of […]

Raspberry Cheesecake Shakes

Written for Paper Palate on the Well Fed Network When looking at cooking magazines that only come out quarterly, I expect to be able to immediately tell what season we are in by looking at the cover of the magazine. For summer, I want bright photographs full of fresh ingredients, cool treats and quick dinner […]

A Cover to Covet

Written for Just Baking on the Well Fed Network I know you all have been there. You are standing in the checkout lane of a grocery store and a magazine photo catches your eye. Maybe it is one with the current celebrity gossip. Maybe you are more of the House and Garden type and spot […]

A Dessert Worth Destroying

  I love Trifles. They are one of my favorite desserts to make because they are always delicious and they always make a beautiful presentation. The problem with trifles is that they are almost too pretty. When it comes time to serve them, the very thought of scooping into the big trifle bowl to tear […]

Baby Fat

  Hmmmm… I wonder why after 9 months, I am still carrying around an extra 15 pounds of leftover baby weight. It couldn’t possibly have anything do do with all the baking I do, could it? Surely not. I am convinced it is because of all the wonderful food blogs out there and the incredible […]


I have officially become domesticated. There have been little signs along the way that this transition was taking place, but I believe it is now official. When I bought my first hostess apron from Etsy, that was a sign. When Fly Lady and Recipezaar took over Entertainment websites on my list of favorites, that was […]

Dinner party diaries – The Annual Christmas Party

Great Friends, great food and a whole lot of fun… that completely sums up our dinner party last night. It was absolutely perfect. The evening started at 6:30pm. Our two oldest children were down the street with a babysitter. I took the chance on keeping the baby here, thinking she would go to bed early. […]

Mommy Brain

After searching and searching all morning for my camera, I just found my camera in the refrigerator and the cream cheese where I keep the camera, up by my desk. It’s official… I’m losing it! My friends call this “Mommy Brain” which is connected to losing brain cells after you have children. Sure… I’ll say […]

Pumpkin Pie Dip

The first official Christmas party that I will be attending is tonight. We were asked to bring an ornament for the ornament exchange and an appetizer. I decided to go with something sweet instead of an appetizer. I mean, it’s all women… I know how women love their desserts! This recipe is from Recipezaar. I […]