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Just Don’t Think About It

I’m going to start this post off with a self-slap to my face, a shake, and a loud, “Kristen…get a hold of yourself!!!”. I need to pull it together, and I need to do so quickly. I have been an emotional wreck this week thinking about my middle daughter, Kelly, starting Kindergarten. I know this […]


I am always warning my kids not to spill things… “Don’t spill that… chocolate stains”. So, many times I’ll get the question asked of me by my kiddos, “Mommy, does this stain?”. I’m not sure if they are asking because they want permission to spill something, or if they are going to gauge my response […]

Introducing “I Will Make This… Someday!”

I freecycled my huge stack of magazines and decided to create a post to document the recipes from those magazines that I hope to eventually make. I will be marking these off and adding to it each month as new magazines come. May I please introduce – “I Will Make This….Someday”, Magazine Version. List is […]


I recently started a ritual with my kids each morning in which during breakfast I tell them a story about my childhood. They sit perched on the edge of their chairs, waiting to hear about the silly things I did when I was their age. I think at the ages of 6, 4, and 2, […]


Make sure to head over to BloggedIn to read a feature interview of yours truly! Lauren, the interview was a lot of fun. Thanks for thinking of me! When I think about Tart’s, I think about a crazy aunt who often jet sets off to Paris and brings everyone back exotic gifts that cannot be […]

Switch it Up

  When I was younger I used to always have the radio on. When I would wake up in the morning, I would listen to music when I was getting ready for school and work. I remember bopping around the house/apartment/room to the music. I would also always fall asleep with music on softly in […]

Favorite Recipes the Costco Way

My husband always passes up freebies. You know, when you are in the store and they have a free sample of this or a free sample of that, he walks right on by. I, on the other hand, am a freebie fool. Even if I don’t like the sample, I usually find myself taking one…just […]

Food Photography

  There are some times that I am a little embarrassed to admit that one of my hobbies is food photography. I am not as in to the hobby as some people. I only take a small handful of photos of each of the things that I make and I have yet to really get […]

Fall Into Flavor

  First of all, I have to chuckle a bit this morning as I sit down to write my first blog entry since October 9th. My first blog entry since the blog entry in which I wrote that I would put writing on my blog and visiting your blogs back up on my list of […]

Lack of Focus

  My husband and I just returned from a wonderful kid-free vacation getaway with some of our very best friends. Several days of sunshine, good restaurants, great scenery, yummy beverages, beautiful company, and as always when we get together with these friends…fun and memorable times. Jan, Rob, Stacy and Bryon…we love you guys and miss […]