3-Ingredient No Bake Toffee Bars

When your kids can finally make what you are craving, like  these 3-Ingredient No Bake Toffee Bars, it makes having kids oh so worth it!

3-Ingredient No Bake Heath Bar Recipe

Today I was sitting in church, near the front, feeling quite smug. We finally got to the point where all four kids were sitting up and behaving through mass… not wiggling, crying, begging for snacks, having to go to the bathroom, etc. It was one of those Sunday morning’s where in my head, I thought… “This is finally easy. People are probably sitting behind us with their wiggly, crying kids being envious of us, like I used to when my kids were small. We’re finally at the point where even church is easy!”

Well, smugness in church is probably not a good thing, because on the way home, all hell broke loose…. meltdown city in the car, fist fights, palms from Palm Sunday were being shredded. There was yelling, crying and more. We used up all of our good behavior in church and completely lost it on the drive home. …

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Easy Black Beans and Rice Recipe

This easy Black Beans and Rice Recipe is full of flavor thanks to Bush’s Black Beans in Mild Chili Sauce. Eat it alone, as burrito bowl or filling for a tortilla wrap. 

Black Beans and Rice Bowls from dineanddish.net This is an incredibly simple recipe for a quick dinner!

Do you ever think about what your last meal request would be? I’ve eaten some incredible food in my lifetime, but I think for my very last meal I’d go with anything I can get at Chipotle. I especially love their Chicken Burrito Bowls, with black beans and rice, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. I think if I had a Chipotle burrito bowl before I died, I’d die happy!

We don’t have a Chipotle too close to us, but that doesn’t stop me from attempting to make food like theirs at home. In case Chipotle isn’t accessible when it’s time for my last meal, someone around me needs to know how to make my favorite food!…

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What I Learned About Happiness on a Princess Cruise

What I Learned About Happiness on a Princess Cruise from dineanddish.net

While on a recent 7-day cruise with Princess Cruises, I learned a thing or two about happiness. Here’s what I discovered! I recently returned from a glorious 7 day cruise aboard the amazing Regal Princess ship. I’ve always been a fan of cruising and really believe it is the best way to vacation! With that being said,…

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Easy Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce

Easy Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce recipe from dineanddish.net

Let’s do brunch with this Easy Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce recipe! I have always been a morning person…even as a teenager I never was one to sleep until noon, or even need my parents to wake me up for school. My internal alarm clock has always been set bright and early. As a mom…

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Strawberry Yummy Pie Recipe for Pi Day

Strawberry Yummy Pie Recipe from dineanddish.net

An old family recipe is turned into a delicious “Strawberry Yummy Pie” with a tender and flaky Crisco crust. Strawberry Pie is ideal for celebrating Pi Day! Plus a pie bakers kit giveaway you won’t want to miss! Unless you’ve lived under a rock this past week, you probably are aware that a most important…

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The Chopped Podcast – The Pursuit of Happiness

The Chopped Podcast - Kristen Doyle and The Pursuit of Happiness

Hi friends! I thought I’d share that my friend Marly from Namely Marly has a fairly new (and awesome) podcast called The Chopped Podcast. She invited me to be a guest on her show and that episode is now live. If your curious about how I started Dine & Dish 8 1/2 years ago, what…

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Skip the Mix Brownie Recipe

Skip the Mix Brownie Recipe from dineanddish.net

Put that boxed brownie mix away…you won’t need it anymore after trying this Skip the Mix Brownie Recipe! I’ve told you all before that when I first got married 15 years ago, I didn’t really know how to cook. Frozen cookie dough, Hamburger Helper, etc. was pretty much the extent of things I’d attempt in…

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Reclaim the Kitchen

Reclaim the Kitchen

Now, more than ever, it’s time for us to Reclaim the Kitchen.  When I was a kid, eating out was a special and very rare affair. We ate together as a family most nights, created the meal together and cleaned up after dinner together. My siblings and I were involved in sports and other activities,…

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