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Dinner Party Diaries

My husband and I love to entertain. We love cooking, having friends over, enjoying one another's company and engaging in adult conversations. Every time we watch The Food Network or Fine Living we comment on how we wish we could entertain more. What's stopping us?? Money, for one. Three kids and a busy life doesn't help either. I've decided to make a project out of this dream of ours. In the year 2007, we are going to host at least one dinner party of some sort each month. Some may be ellaborate, some may be simple, some may be kid friendly, some may be adults only. My plan is to make a theme for each month, and from that theme I'll plan the party. We'll share with you the various tips, plans, accessories, etc. that we come across that have made our journey to this goal possible! If you are in the area and want to attend a Dine and Dish event, feel free to give me a call :)   … [Continue reading]