California Avocado Eggplant Pizza Recipe

Skip the carbs and go straight for the really good stuff with this California Avocado Eggplant Pizza Recipe!

California Avocado Eggplant Pizza Recipe on

This summer, I tried really really hard to eliminate my biggest weakness from my diet…carbs. I’m a huge bread fan, but let me tell you young friends… once you turn 40, you just can’t do all that carb eating and expect things not to change. Every slice of delicious bread goes right to your hips, belly, face, etc.

Laying off carbs hasn’t been easy, because I LOVE carbs, but it hasn’t been as hard as I anticipated either. I’ve gone without carbs for long enough now that I’ve been able to reintroduce them without feeling like I need to pig out on them. It’s safe to say that my current relationship with carbs is a healthy love affair, not an obsession.

Throughout this carbless adventure, I’ve discovered some really tasty way to eat things I love, like pizza, without adding the carbs. Nothing, and I repeat nothing, will ever really take the place of my beloved pizza crust, but I’ve discovered something that certainly comes close. …

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The Summer of Yes {In 1 Second Everyday}

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Our summer is officially over and the kids have been in school now for a whole week. It was so hard for me to let summer go this year because it was one of our best, yet. I intentionally didn’t do my typical Summer Bucket List, but instead deemed the summer of 2015 “The Summer of Yes”.

I vowed that this summer, I was going to say yes as much as I could. If the kids asked to do something or had an idea, even a far out there idea, I said yes (naturally within reason). We had so much fun!

It was the summer of lots of swimming, beaches, pink hair, reading, ice cream for breakfast, sno cones for lunch, sleeping in, staying up late, friends, family, baseball, bike rides, travel and more. I loved absolutely every last second of our summer! (Well I could have done without my mom being so sick and hospitalized for most of it, but even that brought some fun adventures for our family). …

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Sharing by the Shore Bloggers Retreat – Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City Michigan

A look into the Sharing by the Shore retreat in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. “I’m a food and travel blogger/photographer”. That’s my short answer when people ask what I do for a living.  I’m typically met with curious faces, a plethora of questions, and a lot of misconceptions. The assumptions about what I do for a living…

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Grilled Hot Dogs with California Avocado Relish Recipe

Grilled Hot Dogs with California Avocado Relish

Grilled Hot Dogs get a grown up twist with this fresh and tasty California Avocado Relish Recipe. Friends, it’s starting to get to that part of the summer where my anxiety about school starting begins to set in. I absolutely love summer. Love love love it. I love having my kids home with me, spending…

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Be Your Own Barista With New Celestial Lattes

Celestial Seasonings New Teahouse Chai Teas and Lattes

Celestial  Seasonings new line of Celestial Lattes and Teahouse Chai will make you curb your coffee shop visits and turn you into a barista in your own home! Hi friends! I hope you all are enjoying your summer. I definitely have, and although I’ve missed you all terribly, I’ve truly enjoyed the break and have been…

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Avocado and Pesto Cheesy Panini Recipe

Food Truck Inspired Avocado Pesto Panini Recipe on

This food truck inspired panini grilled cheese recipe features fresh California Avocados, Sundried Tomato and Olive Pesto and Tomato Basil Cheddar Cheese. You won’t want to miss this recipe! I love food trucks…as an eater and a cook. I obviously love to eat food, hence why I love to eat from food trucks. But as…

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5 Books I’ve Loved Lately

A List of 5 Books I've Loved Reading Lately on

A selection and review of 5 books I’ve read and loved lately! Come share what you’ve read and loved lately. I love summer! If you don’t know that about me by now, you certainly will after this summer is over. I love the relaxed schedule and longer days…not to mention the increased opportunity for reading…

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