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When I grow up…

The kids and I were out this afternoon at a local grocery store. We were happily going along doing our grocery shopping when Jacob all of a sudden noticed someone painting a new display on the front of the store windows. It really was fascinating to watch, but I didn't realize we'd have to drop everything to watch this artist do her magic on the windows. She was painting letters, snowmen, reindeer, etc. She made it look effortless. After about 20 minutes of watching her and Jacob inundating me with questions to ask her (What does she do if she makes a mistake? What happens if it rains on her painting? Do you think I could do it as fast as her?) we went on with the rest of our shopping. The conversation after that was this: Jacob: "Mommy, I know what I want to be when I grow up!" Me: "What's that?" Jacob: "I want to be a window painter. Well, and an Engineer. Oh... and a football player!" Me: "I think that's great. You can be whatever you want when you grow up. A window painting Engineer football player sounds like a great thing to be." Kelly: "Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a snowman! B for Snowman!" Jacob: "Kelly, you can't be a snowman because you aren't made out of snow. Girls can't be snowmen.And it's S for snowman, not B for snowman." Kelly: <angrily>"Yes I can!" Me: "Kelly, you can be whatever you want when you grow up, but snowmen don't have feet so you wouldn't be able to wear shoes." Case closed... I squelched her dreams … [Continue reading]

I Don’t Like Santa Claus… but he has nice shoes!

Our church had its annual Breakfast With Santa on Saturday morning. This is the perfect opportunity for kids in our parish to have some festive fun decorating cookies, playing reindeer games, and of course... sitting on Santa's lap to convince him you've been a good kid and that he needs to bring you all the toys that are on your Christmas wish list. Kelly, our three year old, is not a fan of Santa. You can try to explain to her that he's going to bring her presents, that he is giving out candy if you sit on his lap, that he lives with reindeer and other cute furry animals but she isn't buying it. The second she sees Santa, her day is ruined. She wants nothing to do with whatever we're involved in if Santa is involved. She would just as soon give up Christmas all together if Santa has anything to do with it. Needless to say, after waiting in line for nearly an hour, Kelly was not pleased that Santa was the end result. She cried, she wailed, she clung to her daddy's chest begging for him to to protect her from having to sit with her brother and sister on his lap. Nick finally had to go sit with Santa too, just so we could get the picture as proof that they actually saw Santa this year. Later in the day, I had this conversation with Kelly. Me - "Kelly, why don't you like Santa Claus?" Kelly - "Because I don't like the white stuff on his face, I don't like his glasses, and he wears his clothes backwards." Me - "He wears his clothes backwards?" Kelly - "His … [Continue reading]

Going Commando?

Our neighborhood holiday sleigh ride was last night. The holiday sleigh ride takes place every year in our subdivision and is a big hit with kids and adults alike. Santa comes, there’s plenty of hot chocolate and cookies, and everyone takes a ride through the subdivision on a horse drawn sleigh. It’s one of those “extra” perks of living where we do (oh…and a “perk” of paying outrageous home owners association fees!). It was freezing cold last night, but that didn't’t stop people from coming out for the sleigh ride. After the sleigh ride, some of our neighbors came over for snacks and cocktails, and to watch the Nebraska vs Oklahoma game on TV. I made a delicious loaf of Ciabatta bread and pull apart Italian bread. As an ideal addition to the bread, I made some Italian Dipping oil. Yummy! We also had chocolate cake, Boy Scout chocolate caramel crunch popcorn, and regular Homestyle popcorn. As the evening progressed the six of us enjoyed many topics of conversation… church, food, holiday plans, parenting, shopping, etc. It wasn’t until someone brought up Britney Spears’ commando limo exit that things really got animated. Who would have thought that if you put 6 college educated, professional adults in one room, the topic of conversation that would elicit the most opinions and interest would be Britney Spears not wearing any underwear? There was even a debate about if you really could see her c-section scar, so we had to get the trusty laptop out and pull up the photos. (I … [Continue reading]

DIY Centerpiece

The centerpiece for this party should be something I can mark off my to do list pretty quickly. I went to a DIY website and found a couple of ideas. One thing I was thinking of doing was this... I have a gorgeous Trifle bowl (the picture is the only one of it I could find). I thought that it would be nice if I filled the trifle bowl with some red and silver ornaments. Simple, festive and beautiful. I thought that I might lay some evergreen around the stem of the bowl as well. The DIY website suggested using a pedestal bowl, but don't you think a Trifle bowl will work just as fine? We have a nice holiday tablecloth, holiday dishes, holiday napkins, etc. I'm still looking for some holiday stem ware, but I may just use what we have in the interest of space and budget. As an added special touch, I think I'll make some holiday related place cards. I was thinking of doing these 3D Holiday Place Cards. They would be so simple to do and would add a festive touch to the table setting. It's all coming together! I have a few things left to do, including finding the perfect appetizer recipe to make for the evening. … [Continue reading]

Games Required

Whenever we have friends over, it's a given rule in our household that games are a must. I love to play games and don't get to play them nearly enough. My husband groans when I head towards the game closet... he likes to play card games and strategy games. Games like Scrabble, Pictionary, etc. aren't his style. Because of that, our guests are the ones who have to humor me as I dust off my underused games. For our Christmas dinner party, I have a couple of games in mind. I was thinking that we'd either play Apples to Apples or Catch Phrase. Beyond Balderdash is another favorite that might be a possibility for that night. What do you think? What are some of your favorite games to play with friends? What games tend to bring out the most laughs and fun in the people you play them with? I'm completely open to suggestions and would love to hear what some of your favorites are.   … [Continue reading]