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Sing…sing a song… sing it LOUD

Jacob's preschool Christmas program was last night. What can I say? It was adorable, as are all little kids music programs. It was very short (25 minutes) and was all singing. Jacob was one of the three Kings. He got to walk in  after the rest of the class was on stage and made a grand entrance. He took his role very seriously. He kept practicing his walking all week long. Jacob did surprise me though. You see... if you don't know Jacob very well, you would think that he was a shy kid. He doesn't talk a lot (unless he's at home) and he's not the most outgoing guy in the world. He's social, but isn't an in your face kind of kid. Put him on a stage though, and you've got a completely different little boy. He was animated, engaging and loud. Yes... loud. You know those preschool programs where all the kids are singing, but usually one kids voice really stands out because they are singing so LOUD? That was our son. He felt the music (he's quite the dancer) and sung his little heart out. Luckily, it was pretty much all on key. After the program was over, several parents commented on how well you could hear Jacob singing. He was just beaming with delight! Last night was one of those moments that I hope is frozen in my memory forever. When he's sixteen and playing his rap music extra loud, I can dream back to a happy place... the day's where he sang to Jesus at the top of his lungs. (You'll have to excuse the picture... I took horrible pictures last night. I was running … [Continue reading]

Party #2 – Golden Globes Girls Night Out

The e-vites for my January party just went out. It will be a ladies only, Golden Globe party on January 15th. I've always wanted to do some kind of party surrounding the Hollywood award shows, but I always seem to think about it after the fact and completely miss the boat. Not this year...I'm on the ball! The 2007 Golden Globe nominations were just announced, and my invitations just went out. It's going to be a Hollywood appetizer and schmancy desserts party. I'm really excited about the planning process for this one. I think I can do a lot of fun things to fit with the theme. One thing I told all the ladies to do was to bring a roll of quarters. I will send out the ballot to everyone via mail when I get the RSVP's. Everyone will come with their completed ballot. With each nomination category, we will all put a quarter in the champagne glass. The lady or ladies that guess the winner will get/split the pot. E-Vite also had a Golden Globes Bingo game, which looks like fun as well! If you have ideas, recipes, anything to share with me that will help to make this party a success, please let me know. Since I am not Martha and lack that creative gene, any of your grand ideas would be appreciated.   One week ago today I dined on Cinnamon Sugar Cookies   … [Continue reading]

The Place Card Lineup

I'm going to preface this entry with this...Martha Stewart I am not. I am not a very crafty person. If I attempt a craft, I need step by step instructions, preferably with pictures, and then usually after reading through said instructions, I need to watch a video or something. I can copy like no nobody's business, but going out on my own and being crafty...that's not me. I "created" the place card's for our dinner party today. Don't laugh when you see them, but they are the best I could do since I've procrastinated for this long. When I purchased the ornaments for the centerpiece, there was a box of star shaped ornaments that matched the centerpiece ornaments. My little mind started thinking and I decided to scratch my original crafty place cards for these little numbers. Martha would have thought of something fabulous, I'm sure, to write the guests names on. I, however, am not Martha, so I looked through my scrap booking supplies and found these little white circle cutouts. Martha would have used professional calligraphy. I, however, am not Martha so my very best cursive writing will have to do. They stand up on their own, only on cloth material.  Good thing I'll have a tablecloth. The picture I took of them makes it look like they are in a lineup at the police station, doesn't it? "No sir... I don't think I can recognize the criminal. They all look very similar... except maybe that gold one. That gold one has the same posture as the criminal... and I vaguely remember … [Continue reading]

Hugs are still cool

I'm having a weepy, emotional kind of day. (Yes, mom, it's that time of the month). Jacob's last day of preschool before the holiday break was today. It dawned on me that preschool is now officially half way over and we are that much closer to Kindergarten. Jacob's ready for Kindergarten... I know he'll love it. In a way, I'm ready for Kindergarten because I do know he'll love it. What I'm not ready for is him to walk through that school door, me to blink, and next thing I know we'll be at his high school graduation. The past 5 years since his birth has gone by in the blink of an eye. I want time to stand still. When I walked Jacob into school today, he ran to put his backpack and coat on the hook, then he ran into his classroom, completely forgetting the typical hug and kiss he always gives me. Right before he got seated, it must have dawned on him that he hadn't said goodbye because he looked at me and yelled "MOM!!! I forgot to give you a hug and a kiss!" So, he ran back to me, I scooped him up in my arms, gave him a huge hug and kiss, told him I loved him, and sent him on to start his day. In preschool, hugs and kisses from mom is still cool. I wonder when it becomes the un-cool thing to hug your mom goodbye. I don't want that day to come. … [Continue reading]

The Oven Union

It seems like during the month of November and December my oven is in constant use. I'm glad there isn't an oven union out there because mine would probably be complaining of abuse! If it had legs, I'm sure it would be marching right out of our house to the nearest picket line, in search of fair treatment. How can my oven complain though? Over the past month, it has been the tool behind so many wonderful creations. My favorite cinnamon rolls, loaves of delicious bread, cookies galore, and now these... delicious little cheesecake bites. Unfortunately, these creations are going out to a friend of mine, however I was able to sneak just one and let me tell you... yummy, impressive, and so easy! You can find the recipe titled Easy Cheesecake Cupcakes over at www.crazy-for-cheesecake.com. On a note other than oven abuse, I put together the centerpiece for our Dinner Party today. It was very simple to do and I like the way it turned out. I took a random assortment of Christmas ornaments and filled my favorite trifle bowl full of them. It's colorful, inexpensive, and simple. I'm also going to use the star shaped ornaments to create place setting card holders for each guest. I'll be working on that this evening.My oven will be glad to hear that I'm not baking tonight. It's desperate plea for a break has been heard. One week ago today I dished about My secret love affair with the UPS man … [Continue reading]