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Let’s Celebrate Food!

Jill over at Cookies in Heaven posted last week about all the incredible food related holidays in January. Did you know that there is a food related holiday for almost every day of the year? Yep!  If you love Milk, just down a glass today in celebration of Milk Day. Artichokes? March 16th is your day to celebrate National Artichoke day. September... you can celebrate national Biscuit Month and enjoy a nice glass of rum punch on September 20th.I love the idea of celebrations. In fact, over at 43 Things, one of my goals is to really celebrate the special days and holidays in 2007. I have decided to try and celebrate many of these special food holiday's myself. I've taken the list, added the info to my calendar and in some small way I'm going to try to honor as many of these yummy food related holiday's as I can. I think my kids would have a ball with this. Should be fun times. Want to join me?Jill recently posted the source of her list - Nibble.com. Head on over and check out the list yourself.  If you decide that you need more celebrating in your life, what better way to do it then by celebrating with food and fun?One month ago today I dished about the Coolest Cupcake CourierOver at our family blog, I dished about my really, really Bad Day  … [Continue reading]

Lemon Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

My son requested pumpkin muffins as his birthday treat to take to school this past Monday. I happily made the muffins but felt like they needed something added for a festive touch. I decided to whip up some Cream Cheese Frosting, but when I added the frosting to the pumpkin muffins they just didn't taste like something a 5 year old would love. I found another solution for the muffins (just stuck a dum dum lollipop in the top of each one, which thrilled my own 5 year old), but now had the problem of what to do with all of that cream cheese frosting. Sitting down and just eating it out of the bowl sounded like the perfect solution to my three year old... probably a good thing she isn't in charge of meals around here, isn't it?We went to the birthday party yesterday afternoon of a neighbor girl and the mom had made lemon cupcakes with... you guessed it... cream cheese frosting. After enjoying that lovely treat, I was determined to make a lemon something with cream cheese frosting today. I poured over my cookbooks, browsed some cooking magazines, and searched the net high and low. I finally found a recipe at trusty old Recipezaar that I knew I could adapt to what I was looking for. The result was a fabulous Lemon Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. To get the desired lemon result that I was craving, I added an extra tablespoon of lemon juice to the cake recipe and a splash of lemon juice to the cream cheese frosting.These are both recipes that are super simple to make and ones … [Continue reading]

The Shoe Thief

If you ever come to my house, be forewarned... there's a shoe thief in the midst. If you couldn't guess by Kelly's comment about Santa Claus, my three year old daughter has a thing for shoes. Not just a thing... a serious obsession. She will stop complete strangers on the street and tell them what she thinks of their shoes. She'll peek under public restroom stalls to comment on the shoes that person is wearing. She definitely has a shoe fetish.Friends will come over and innocently remove their shoes at the door, only to be ready to leave and find their shoes missing. We always have to track down Kelly and sure enough, their shoes are close by. Maybe she'll be the first 3 year old shoe blogger or shoe columnist. She sure has plenty to say about them and for her poor sake, she's living with a mom who is not into shoes at all. I have my standard cute shoes that get cuter in the summer, but shoes aren't something I spend my days admiring. It may be because of my size 10 feet and shoes just don't look as good that big. It may be because I've always preferred the clothing side of fashion rather than the shoes.  Either way, her obsession is wasted on me. I may start a savings fund for her shoes now as well as a therapy fund because I know she's going to have a hard time dealing with the fact that her mom just isn't that into shoes. In the meantime, if you hear of any jobs for a three year old to test out shoes, send them our way. I'm sure she'll do a bang up job! … [Continue reading]

The Skyscraper

My "baby" turned 5 years old yesterday (head over to our family blog for my reflection on the past 5 years). For his birthday he got to choose the place that we'd eat lunch at after he got out of school. He chose Winstead's Diner, after hearing a friend of his talk about the gigantic milkshake he had there on his birthday. When his friend said gigantic, he wasn't kidding. The milkshake arrived in a great big "vase" for the glass. Topped with a generous amount of whipped cream and cherries, our strawberry shake was by far the biggest I have ever seen. We definitely shouldn't have eaten lunch before if we wanted to make any kind of dent in this milkshake. Wide eyed and eager, we gave it our best try, but by about 1/4 of the way through the shake, and belly's about to bust, we couldn't make it any further. We gave it a great try, but just had to be defeated. Next time, I think we'll invite a few more people to tackle the Skyscraper Milkshake with us! … [Continue reading]

5 Years – Reflecting

5 years ago today, I walked out of my plush office in Overland Park. I left my high paying salary, my clients, my successful reputation in the industry behind. I left it all to enter into a partnership that would take me on the ride of my life. I left all of that to become a stay at home mom. You see... 5 years ago, my first baby was born and I left the corporate world for the world of dirty diapers, spit up, and sleepless nights. In the past 5 years I have never regretted my decision to stay at home with my kids. Getting to see them grow up and being a part of everything has been a job beyond my wildest dreams. Jacob has been a joy, a challenge, and a bright spot in my life. Since having Jacob, I've learned about patience (still working on this one!), empathy, and the joy of wonder.I've witnessed miracles (Jacob suffered 3rd degree burns over his entire face from an accident when he was two), have discovered the power of prayer, and have stopped to appreciate the little things in life that before I would just pass by.  Since having children I have discovered that a hug can cure just about anything. I've discovered that sitting down to color a picture really is good therapy. That cooking with my kids is just about as fun as you can get.I've discovered that I really don't need a full nights sleep to function the next day. I now know that I can clean up puke without puking myself. I've witnessed things that before having children would have brought me to my … [Continue reading]