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We have had this conversation before. "Mommy Doesn't Do Snow." I just don't like being cold. I don't like having the bitter winter wind in my face stealing my breath away. I don't get pleasure out of not being able to feel my toes in my shoes. This weekend, however, I became sort of a convert. Yes, sort of a convert. I still don't like snow, but the snow we had this weekend was not like most snows. It came down from the sky in nice large fluffy flakes, coating the ground with a beautiful soft blanket. I can't remember the last time we had such a perfect snow.It was beautiful. The even better thing was that it wasn't really that cold outside. It was chilly, but not the bitter cold that usually comes along with a snow storm like this.When we woke up Sunday morning, my kids immediately started begging to go out and play in the snow. Daddy was home, so they were in luck. You see, Nick grew up in Northeast Iowa. He is used to the type of snows where you have to shovel through your front door to be able to get anywhere. Kansas snow is nothing to him.I watched from the windows, peeking out to snap a picture or two. I was perfectly content inside when one of my neighbors called, insisting that I come outside and encourage the hood on while they build some snowmen. She convinced me that it wasn't that cold, so outside I went. It really was fun. I didn't "play" in the snow. I simply watched, chatting with the other moms and capturing the Kodak moments as they … [Continue reading]

Come in out of the snow

 Come in out of the snow. I know your hands and feet have got to be freezing cold from building the neighborhood's largest snowman. You must be exhausted from sledding non-stop down the hill and back up and down the hill and back up again, over and over. Take your coat, shoes and mittens off and sit down to a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate and my first Dorie Greenspan recipe attempt...Chocolate Malted Whopper Cookies. They didn't turn out puffy like her recipe suggested, but they were still a great treat to go along with the fire and cocoa. Enjoy!To read more about the perfect snow man building snow we had, head over to our family blog "Dishing It Up Family Style"   … [Continue reading]

Power of Suggestion

I am a marketers dream. I am the target audience that marketers go after when they are trying to entice customers merely by the power of suggestion. It will be 4:00 in the afternoon and a commercial will come on the television for a restaurant. I watch, get hungry, and can't get that restaurant out of my mind until I visit it. I hear a friend talk about a product, and if they are speaking favorably about it, I get to the nearest store and buy it to try it out for myself.Yesterday I added a little widget to my blog from widgetbox.com. You can find the widget I added towards the bottom left hand corner of my blog. This particular widget is from epicurious and it shows a little slide-show of various recipes you can find on Epicurious.com. I installed the widget and then sat there watching the recipe slideshow flash tempting photos of enticing recipes. When the recipe for Lighter Than Air Chocolate Roll popped up, my mouth started watering. My stomach started growling. My craving for some chocolate goodness intensified. I had to try this recipe, and I had to try it ASAP. I slept on it, thinking that surely by the next day I wouldn't feel the urge to create this chocolate roll. Didn't happen... I woke up this morning and it was one of the first things I thought of. The Lighter Than Air Chocolate Roll and I were going to meet today... I couldn't avoid it. I must start by saying that I bake often, but I have never made a log or roll of any kind. I've always been intimidated by the … [Continue reading]

Ask and you shall receive

This morning I made a quick post, reaching out to the food blogging community for some help finding a new homemade pizza crust recipe. Wouldn't you know it? I left soon after to take my daughter to dance class only to return to find the comments by you all with some fantastic pizza dough recipe recommendations. I looked through all of the recipes and could not decide which one to go with because they each one fit the bill of what I was looking for. I wanted an in between crust.. not too thick and not too thin. I wanted it to be a tried and true favorite and I wanted it to be something I could make in time for dinner tonight. Every recipe suggestion fit these guidelines. Now, I had a dilemma. Before posting this morning, I was stuck with my one tried and true crust recipe, but I was ready for a change. After my post, I was confronted with too many options! I decided to take the easy way out. I went with Claire's recipe because she was the one first to post a link to her recipe. We have homemade pizza often, so with each time I have pizza on my menu, I'm going to go down the list and try the other pizza crust recipes as well.Thank you all so much for your help! Now, for the results.As I stated before, I used Claire's recipe. By reading her blog, I understand that this is a family recipe passed down by her dad. I tweaked the recipe some because I decided I wanted to make my bread machine do the work. I placed all of the recipe ingredients in my bread machine on the dough cycle … [Continue reading]

Pizza crust request and a Meme

I have a quick request this morning. I'm making a southwest pizza tonight and have been browsing the web looking for a new pizza crust recipe to try. I'm looking for a crust that is in between thin and thick... kind of like the hand tossed crust at Pizza Hut. Do any of you have a tried and true recipe that you love that you could share? Now, down to business. Several days ago Rachel over at Rachel's Bite tagged me for a meme. The meme is to list 6 weird things about me. Let me see what I can come up with. 1) I am a Dr Pepper / Mr Pibb fountain drink junkie. I don't like the drinks in a can or out of a bottle, but give me a straight up Dr Pepper on crushed ice in a Styrofoam cup and I am a happy camper. I would choose this over ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate, etc. 2) I was a good girl growing up and didn't have my first drink of alcohol until I was 21. I'm not a big drinker now (despite the martinis the other night) but I do enjoy a nice glass of wine or a margarita on the rocks every now and then.  3) I used to eat everything plain. Hamburgers, sandwiches, pasta, etc. The reason is that I don't like messy food. I used to completely detest barbecue for the same reason. I don't like to get messy when I'm eating! I like barbecue now (which is good since my husband is big into smoking meat) but I still prefer my burgers plain.4) Not food related, but weird related. When I was middle school age, I had a very unhealthy obsession with Kirk Cameron. (Oh...I just searched … [Continue reading]