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Breaking Up

It's a fact of life that relationships come and go. Some relationships are meant to last forever. Others...not so much.Prior to meeting and marrying my wonderful gem of a husband, I had a few relationships that I imagined at the time would last forever. As time went by it became obvious that forever was a very, very long time and that I'd be lucky if that particular relationship would make it another week. I'm not pointing blame at anyone as to why those particular relationships didn't work out. It is all about give and take and then giving a little more. When it gets to the point where you are giving way more than you are taking, or taking way more than you are giving, you know it's time to let it go.When you go through the often painful process of letting a relationship go (aka breaking up), there are certain things that go through your mind and as an ex-couple you have to figure out. Who gets to "keep" the mutual friends? Who gets the dog? Who gets to keep going to your favorite hang out spot? Who gets to keep the giant movie collection that you purchased together?  As much as I love friends, dogs, hang out spots and movies, in my last relationship prior to my husband I really wasn't worried about any of that. My worries were one sided.... how do I get my hands on his family cookbook before this is all said and done? You see, my "ex" came from a long line of Italian heritage. His mother had 10 sisters and 2 brothers, all whom were incredible, … [Continue reading]

Shovel it In

If you read my food blog, you'll see that I had a bit of a pie flop. The pie ended up being salvaged and turned into vanilla cream pie milkshakes. One little chunkin in our family was very pleased with the resulting milkshake and held her mouth wide open until someone would shovel the next bite in for her! The second that bite was swallowed, she'd hold her mouth wide open again until the ice cream would hit her lips. If you weren't fast enough at getting the food into her mouth, she'd start to inch forward, with her mouth wide open. It seems obvious to me that we have yet another ice cream fan in the family. Nick is so proud! … [Continue reading]

Waiter! What the heck happened to my pie??

I have made pies in the past. Apple pies, pumpkin pies, strawberry pies, etc. Pies are not my favorite thing in the world to make, but I still make them. Why? Because my husband, besides being an ice cream guy, is a pie guy. He loves pie. When Cook sister announced the theme of the event "Waiter, there's something in my.." as pie, I knew I'd be able to participate. Should I make a pie I'm comfortable with...one that I've made before? Should I branch out and try something new? Should I expand my abilities some...take a risk?I decided to branch out of my two crust comfort zone and make a pie with meringue. My Grandma Sumner made the best meringue pies...surely that pie making gene was passed on to me. I was certain that I would be a natural meringue pie maker.  With a couple of Vanilla Cream pie recipes in tow, I gave my  mom a quick call to make sure I understood everything I needed to understand about making a meringue pie. My mom, who inherited the meringue pie making gene, offered up some significant and helpful advice. After hanging up with her, I felt I had the confidence, ability and the genes to make a great Vanilla Cream Pie.I followed the recipe exactly and things seemed to be moving along quite well. When it was time to whip the egg whites into shape, I got out my handy hand mixer and began beating the suckers. 10 minutes into the beating and my peaks were there, but not as stiff as I thought they should be. I soldiered on for yet another 5 … [Continue reading]

Lack of Material

I have to apologize for the lack of posts over in this section this week. My kids just haven't giving me much material to work with. Here's why: You know it is a bad sign when after naps, a 3 year old and a 5 year old come down stairs, plop on the couch and fall back asleep. They have both been running fevers this week, so things around here have been pretty tame. They are arguing with each other today, so I know they are feeling better. Is it bad of me to say that I've kind of enjoyed the lack of energy they've had the past couple of days? Is that something I shouldn't admit out loud? Of course, I feel so bad for them that they don't feel well, but the quietness has been kind of nice! I am positive they'll be back to their normal selves next week and I'll be back to having good material to write about. Until then, I'm going to take advantage of the quiet!  … [Continue reading]

Would you be missed?

Did anyone out there watch Grey's Anatomy last night? Surely they are just teasing the viewers, aren't they? I mean, seriously, if a show is named after your character, you'd think that would guarantee you some sort of job security, right? They can't kill off Meredith. You can bet I'll be glued to the TV next week to find out what the "devastating conclusion" is. Seeing Dr McDreamy all torn up....*sigh*. Watching Dr McSteamy and Alex show their more sensitive sides...*sigh*. Hearing Cristina talk about how Meredith is her "person"... *sigh*. Although gross, watching Izzy regain her status as a surgeon and getting off probation...Such a great show. The show theme last night was all about disappearing. If you disappeared, if you went suddenly missing, would anyone notice? Would your lack of presence cause anyone to stop an wonder where you were? I would like to think that I would be missed. My children would wonder where that crazy woman is that makes their breakfast, drives them to school and tucks them in at night. My husband would miss me, although he would probably survive a lot better than I'd like to admit. I have family and friends that would miss me too. Neighbors would miss the random baked goods that show up at their door on a weekly basis. I would be missed.I know that one thing my entire family misses once it disappears is anything made with ice cream. If I want my husband to do something for me, if I want to seduce him into thinking  … [Continue reading]