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The Sacrifice of Seafood

 I just thought I would post here some proof that we do eat things other than cakes, cookies and baked goods. Seafood is one of my favorite things to eat. I love Fridays during Lent because we are obligated to not eat meat, which means that seafood is the food of choice.One of my favorite recipes so far this Lenten season has been this delicious Shrimp Scampi recipe. It is so easy to put together and if you love garlic and butter, you'll love eating this. My 5 year old, who said he did not like shrimp, ended up eating 3 big portions after he tasted it.  From Recipezaar:Shrimp Scampi  1 lb raw shrimp, peeled and deveined 3/4 cup white wine 1/4 cup light olive oil 1/2 cup unsalted butter 2 tablespoons blue bonnet margarine 3 tablespoons minced garlic … [Continue reading]

Quick Update

  Wow...has it really been that long since I have posted over here? It isn't for lack of activity...that's for sure. What has been going on in our world since my last post?Jacob had his first soccer game of the season this past weekend. He is playing in a league with kids that are older than him and he actually made a goal! The kids have been on Spring Break since the 16th. They go back to school on Wednesday only to be off again Thursday and Friday. It has been a long, long, long Spring Break especially since we've had rain almost every day.Nick traveled to NYC all last week, so add no school and no hubby and you get one mom ready for a break!Ella is all over the place...she is growing up so quickly! She is trying to master stairs and trying to pull herself up to start walking.Nick is getting a new car, finally! I think he may come home from work with one tonight. We'll see! Kelly really wants him to buy a pink car so that it will match her pink blanket. Nick said he'll see what he can do.Other than that, life has been progressing on as normal. I promise I'll be better at updating this Jennifer and Mom :)  … [Continue reading]

Pack on the Pounds Cake

 History shows that the name pound cake originated from the fact that the original pound cake recipes contained one pound each of butter, sugar, flour and eggs. I am not convinced that is the real reason. I think the real meaning behind the name pound cake comes from the fact that you will certainly pack on the pounds if you eat a cake with that much butter and sugar in it. I think that those pounds are well worth it when you have something as fabulous as a pound cake. There is nothing quite like a real dense and moist pound cake to satisfy a sweet tooth. With a real pound cake, each bite seriously melts in your mouth. Mmmmmm...As much as I love real pound cake, I'm not looking to add on a bunch of weight right now. I wish I had the dilemma of trying to gain weight... unfortunately, gaining weight is really not something that is difficult for me to do. Since I am kind of trying to lose some of this baby fat, I decided that making a real pound cake probably wasn't in my best interest. Instead, I fell for the picture of a Golden Lemon Pound cake that was featured in a Land O' Lakes advertisement in this months issue of Gourmet magazine.This cake is by no means light... it still is jammed full of calories, but the one slice I had was well worth it. I gave part of the cake away to my neighbors across the street, part of the cake served as dessert for a meal with our friends last night, part of the cake was eaten for breakfast this morning by my husband, and the last few … [Continue reading]

Baby Fat

 Hmmmm... I wonder why after 9 months, I am still carrying around an extra 15 pounds of leftover baby weight. It couldn't possibly have anything do do with all the baking I do, could it? Surely not. I am convinced it is because of all the wonderful food blogs out there and the incredible photos that go along with each and every one of them. I swear I probably gain weight reading through your blogs each week. The calories ooze through from your computer right into my thighs. I can tell that my newest found foodie interest is not going to help matters much. After seeing gorgeous photos posted on Recipezaar and reading through blogs like Jumbo Empanadas and Not Eating Out In New York, I finally gave in to the temptation to purchase an electric ice cream maker. We have a White Mountain ice cream maker that is big, heavy and messy and only gets used about twice a year. I want to be able to make ice cream without having to lug that big old piece of equipment out, so I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond earlier this week and purchased a handy little Cusinart ice cream maker. I put the included bowl in the freezer as soon as I got home and the very next afternoon I got it out to make my first batch of homemade ice cream. I chose a simple recipe off of Recipezaar for Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. I followed the instructions and in less than thirty minutes I had a batch of homemade ice cream. I cannot believe how simple it was and how delicious the end product was. Thank goodness I … [Continue reading]

Breaking the Rules

 There is a little coffee shop here in town that we like to frequent. The Country Club Cafe is a great hangout for moms because it provides us with a nice, relaxing environment to chat with our friends while our kids get to play quietly in the designated kids play area. The coffee is great, the staff is welcoming and the pastries are always so tempting. When we go to the Country Club Cafe, it is usually at breakfast time.  As we approach the counter to place our order, the first thing my kids always notice are the big cookies from Miss Molly's Bakery. The cookies come in an array of flavors... M&M, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Snickerdoodle, etc. It never fails that the second my kids set their eyes on the cookies, they start begging for one. I have to explain to them that I know those cookies are out of this world, but cookies are not a breakfast food.... they are a dessert. I then convince them to choose something from the muffin basket which begrudgingly they do. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think I broke my own rule this weekend and I have someone other than myself to blame. I can stand up tall and point my finger at someone else... It is all Peabody's fault. Last week she wrote a post on her blog about some Snickerdoodle muffins. In addition to the mouth watering description she wrote, she also posted a picture that made me want to reach in and grab a muffin right off the screen. Since computer to computer muffin transport hasn't been invented yet, I decided … [Continue reading]