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Food For Talk and the Well Fed Network

I was recently asked by Cate over at Sweetnick's to be a contributing writer on the Well Fed Network. I've been submitting articles for the past couple of weeks and keep forgetting to mention it here. If you are into all things food, then make sure you bookmark the Well Fed Network. There is something for everyone! This article has been submitted and will soon be up in the Kids Cuisne section:  Does this sound familiar? Dinner is ready… you are trying to get everyone gathered around table. Once seated, you pass around the food and as it is going around your kids are throwing endless demands at you. “Mom…I need more milk.” “Mom… I need another napkin.” “Mom…can you get me some dip for my veggies?” By the time you actually get to sit down to start eating, your food is cold and the race through dinner has ended…everyone is asking to be excused. Your dream of having a nice, leisurely dinner together as a family has come to a halt and reality has hit hard. Your family is not connecting over the dinner table. They are simply there to bark demands, eat and run. Author Julienne Smith was tired of having her kitchen table be the site of a hit and run. She wanted more… she wanted her family to connect around the table and for the conversations to be deep and meaningful. Isn’t that how it was when we all grew up? We didn’t have a million places to be… life was slower and dinner time … [Continue reading]

Back to Normal

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and concerns regarding Ella. She is completely back to normal now. The swelling has gone down and her cute little face is just plump from chubbies... not from the swelling! We are doing great! … [Continue reading]

I’m Not Always Cheap and Easy

I will admit... I like the convenience of a boxed cake mix. I am a very busy mom and sometimes Miss Crocker and I get busy in the kitchen together. On those crunched for time days, must have a dessert days, don't want to use a million dishes days...Betty Crocker is just short of a Godsend in my book.  At roughly $1.50 a box, who could argue with me? Hopefully these occasions are the only occasions that I'm considered cheap and easy. There are times though when a boxed cake mix just will not do.  There are some recipes that you just couldn't replicate by using a boxed cake mix. Two recipes come to mind... The Malt Ball Cake that I made recently and the Double Chocolate Layer Cake that I compared to Dr McDreamy. Those were cakes like no other... moist, rich, delicious, and unique. So...what makes me decide whether to use a boxed mix or a from scratch recipe? Usually, it is an enticing picture....a mouth watering description... a recipe with a unique ingredient that makes my taste buds tingle. This is exactly what happened when I was reading the March 2007 issue of Food and Wine magazine and came across Ina Garten's recipe for a Double Chocolate Layer Cake. The huge picture on page 165 had my mouth watering. Ina's description of it being the "most fabulous chocolate cake that I've ever made" had my interest peaked as well. The unique ingredient was coffee...how intrigued I was! I made the cake this afternoon for a party we are attending tonight. If you … [Continue reading]

Pork Loin Roast with Hoisin-Sesame Sauce

I have had quite a day and I am so exhausted. If you are curious, click here to find out why.This is going to be a super short post today, but I had to share this recipe with you that Kirsten over at Home Cooking Adventures shared last week. The recipe is so easy and incredibly good!  We will be making this time and time again. Thank you Kirsten! Pork Loin Roast with Hoisin-Sesame Sauce:(serves 4)1 2.5 lb pork loin roastOlive oil as neededSalt and Pepper to taste1 tbs fresh minced ginger1/4 c hoisin sauce 1/2 c orange juice 1/2 c low-sodium chicken broth 1 tsp toasted sesame oil 2 green onions, sliced Directions:Salt and pepper roast liberally and brown in a saute pan with olive oil on all sides. Place into a roasting pan and bake at 350 for about 40 minutes (until internal temp is about 140). Remove and cover with foil and let stand for about 10 minutes before carving.Meanwhile, drain most of the oil from the saute pan and retain any brown bits. Saute ginger until fragrant, then add remaining sauce ingredients (except green onions). Simmer until thickened, then add green onions. Cut pork into slices and top with sauce and additional green onion slices for garnish. Serve immediately. … [Continue reading]

Eventful Morning

Was I complaining about how yesterday started off? I take it all back now... I can top the whole lock the girls in the car thing. My morning started off at around 1:30am with Ella crying. I went in to her room and picked her up only to notice that the right side of her face was swollen and her eye was almost swollen shut. It wasn't gunky or anything... she just look like she got in a fight with a pro boxer in the middle of the night. I called Nick into her room, and after some debate, I decided to take her in to Children's Mercy Urgent Care. Their facility south of us is only about 20 minutes away and they recently just started being open 24/7.When I got to Children's Mercy the doctor's were perplexed. Had she fallen? Had she eaten anything strange? How long had she been on Amoxicillin? After answering all of those questions and poking and prodding at her a bit, they decided to send us to the Children's Mercy downtown so that she could get a CAT scan. So...3am, I'm driving downtown trying to find the hospital in the dark. Not a place you want to get lost at when you are by yourself! I made it and they took her back to a room right away. By 7am, they had given her an IV (had to stick her twice to get it) and soon after she had her CAT scan. It seems like we spent a lot of time waiting, which is normal when you are in the ER at a Children's Hospital. They wouldn't let her eat or drink, so she was tired and hungry, but still smiling. We found out that the Amoxicillin that Ella … [Continue reading]