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Get Well Soon

 Jacob went in to Children's Mercy hospital on Monday morning for surgery. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed, a hernia repaired and the veins in his nose cauterized. Talk about a triple whammy!He was really out of it on Monday, as can be expected, but yesterday he was back to his normal self. He ate a ton...eggs, toast, turkey, strawberries, bananas, milkshakes, smoothies, Jello, etc. Today, he is paying some for it. He is really tired, hoarse and just out of it again. He is still doing really remarkable though, in my opinion. He is such a little toughie!According to Jacob, the best thing about having surgery is that when you come home, when you ask for something, you get it. Oh boy..this may be a hard one to break!  … [Continue reading]

Alpha Mom vs Slacker Mom

Alpha Mom - a modern mom who is confident and in control, a well informed decision-making multitasker. Hip, educated, technologically savvy, type A--personality mom.I know that this is completely against all things good about the feminist movement, but I have always wanted to be like June Cleaver, or our modern day example, (minus all of the random murders, drug issues, etc) Bree Van de Camp. I would love to be the mom that always has linens on the table adorned with a beautiful centerpiece of fresh cut flowers from my garden in the middle. Having a plate of fresh from the oven cookies available whenever the little ones come in from playing in the picket fenced yard would be ideal. Having my home be in tip top shape, laundry never piling up, and my kitchen sink always shiny would be standard behavior for me. I would be the Alpha Mom... complete with the hip clothes, ever full PDA and a shining disposition. I read an article in a small local magazine this week about the Alpha Mom and her opposite... the Slacker Mom. As much as I try to be like the Aplha Mom, I have discovered that my tendencies tend to be more Slacker Mom oriented. An example of this would be last nights dinner.Alpha Mom - Alpha Mom would have looked at her menu for the week early on in the day, making notes of what meat needs to be thawed and what advanced preparations need to be made for dinner to be a complete success.Slacker Mom - Slacker Mom remembers at 4:30pm that Calzones is on the menu. She completely … [Continue reading]


 I do not deal well with rejection. Honestly, who does? I have yet to meet a person who actually likes rejection. Some sales people feed off of rejection and it pushes them to try harder, but I really doubt that they actually enjoy being rejected. This week I started sending my resume out for a new job that I can do from home. This is the first time I have had to do the whole resume thing in my entire 12 year career. I created a resume when I graduated from college and landed a nice little job in the Human Resources / Staffing field. From then on out, the jobs I have had have been based on referrals from other people. New opportunities have just landed in my lap and I have been blessed because of them. Even once my first child was born and I decided to become a stay at home mom, opportunities came forth in the recruiting field that enabled me to be a stay at home mom while earning a bit of money on the side. As of this past January, I ended up resigning from my home based recruiting position because being on the phone so much was becoming too difficult with three very loud children in the background. It is hard to remain professional when you have a toddler tugging on your leg to hold her, or a three year old wanting to talk to whomever you are trying to hold a professional conversation with. The problem is...we are really missing the money I was making. My husband referred to the fund that we put the money into as an "Oh Shit" fund while I referred to it as an … [Continue reading]

Peaks and Valleys

 Isn't it funny how marriage has its peaks and valleys? I am happily married. I married a wonderful man who works extremely hard every day away from home to provide for us. When he comes home, he happily shares in the housework, the cooking, the taking care of the kids, etc. I am spoiled and blessed all at once. Even though I do consider myself to be happily married, there are times when my husband and I can't stand each other. We get in those moods where every little thing the other one does bugs the heck out of each other. My husband, for example, likes to finish whatever I am doing. If I have a pot on the stove simmering something and the lid is supposed to stay on during the entire time, he comes into the kitchen and takes over...lifting the lid and stirring the pot. He thinks he is being helpful when really he doesn't understand that I have things completely under control. I, of course, cannot imagine anything that I could possibly do to annoy him. OK - well maybe the beating him up in the middle of the night gets annoying, but besides that I am really the non-annoying one out of the two of us. (Kidding, of course!)At times, we are annoyed with each other. Those times I will call our valleys. Then we have our peaks. The past few weeks we have been on a really high peak. Everything is clicking. We are communicating, loving, having fun, and enjoying each others company. The kids are happy, we are happy and things are just going swell. We just came off of a wonderful … [Continue reading]

More Than You Have Ever Wanted to Know

I have been delinquent. I have been tagged by four people for 3 different meme's! In the next few posts, you all are going to get more information about me than you ever wanted to know. Here is meme one and two.I was tagged by my friend Kate from one of my favorite blogs, Kate in the Kitchen, for a fun meme.What were you doing 10 years ago? 1997 was a good year. I was really enjoying being a single, independent gal living in the city. I lived in a house with my then roommate Peg and met my husband through her. I was also working for a company called Cerner Corporation as an Organizational Development Specialist. What were you doing 1 year ago? In the summer of 2006 I was a sleep deprived new mom, loving every minute of life with an infant again. Five snacks you enjoy (I'm not a big snacker, so this one is kind of hard): 1. Dove Milk Chocolate 2. Bananas 3. Cupcakes 4. Bread 5. Diet Coke Five songs that you know all the lyrics to : 1. Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield 2. American Pie 3. Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp 4. Brick House 5. Bop With You Baby by Dan Seal Five things you would do if you were a millionaire: Make sure everyone in my family has enough for what they needBuy a house by the oceanStock enough away so my kids can live comfortablyStart my dream businessPay off billsFive bad habits: 1. Procrastination on things like emptying the dishwasher, cleaning toilets, etc, 2 Brushing my teeth with the water running, 3 Cracking my knuckles, 4 Nibbling while cooking, 5 … [Continue reading]