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June 2007 Issue of Gourmet Magazine

Written for Paper Palate on the Well Fed NetworkI ran into a slight dilemma when I sat down to write my article about the June 2007 issue of Gourmet magazine. I opened up the magazine to find page after page after page torn out. No, my kids did not get a hold of the issue. My husband, who loves to grill, took the liberty of browsing through the magazine and tearing out recipes he wanted to try. He must have removed half the magazine because the copy in my hands was very sparse. Once I was able to acquire a complete issue from the library, I could see why my husband was so eager to rip and tear this issue to pieces. The June 2007 issue of Gourmet magazine is full of very appealing recipes. Mouth watering photos and simple summertime ingredients will tempt all of us into giving some of their current recipes a try. From Crisp Chipotle Shrimp with Corn and Scallions to Cheesecake Marbled Brownies, this issue has something for everyone. The recipe that tempted us the most was for Pasta with Green Vegetables and Herbs. My herb garden is growing well, and this beautiful and delicious dish was a perfect accompaniment to the warm summer weather we have been having. You can find the recipe at the end of this article. As far as articles go, this issue had at least one well written piece that brought me to tears. Daniel Zwerdling wrote A View To A Kill... an eye opening article about chicken megafarms and giant processing plants and the inhumane treatment of broiler chickens (as they … [Continue reading]

Smashing Berries

 There is nothing out there that is quite as gratifying to me as smashing, kneading, chopping, beating, etc. the heck out of food. When I am stressed, give me a recipe that calls for doing something inhumane to the ingredients and by the time I have an end product, my stress is gone. This morning, my kids were not getting along at all. From the moment they woke up they were bickering with each other about every little thing. They were apparently frustrated with each other and needed a quick intervention. I decided to try to distract them some. They could help me make breakfast, and while doing so, they could relieve some of their obvious stress by smashing some strawberries. I got out two bowls and divided the berries among them. I gave them each a vegetable smasher and they went to town destroying their own little bowl of berries. Instead of fussing and arguing, I heard giggling and laughing. Before I knew it, the first step to our breakfast muffin recipe was done and the mood of my children had changed dramatically. Together we finished adding the ingredients, stirring it up and making the muffins. We ended up having a lovely breakfast of delicious Berry Smash muffins. The kids were so proud of their part in making breakfast and I was just thrilled to have a morning where the bickering was squelched from the start. For your own at home therapy session, give this recipe for Berry Smash Muffins a try.Berry Smash Muffins (from Recipezaar) 1 2/3 … [Continue reading]

Taking Bets

One day Ella looks like she is going to be blonde, the next day her hair looks as red as can be. This photo was taken today... what do you think? Do we have a blondie or a redhead?  … [Continue reading]

What Kind of Mom Am I?

 What kind of mom am I? I dare to say that I, Kristen...mother of three, am a very selfish mom. My youngest daughter turned one this past Sunday. The weekend before we had a family birthday party for her and my good friend Sara made her a gorgeous individual cake to dig her little hands into for the occasion. The week between the birthday party and her actual birthday, my Taste of Home magazine arrived. As I was flipping through the magazine a recipe for French Chocolate Cake caught my eye. The description written above the recipe had my mouth watering. Described as "A decadent fudge filling and a rum flavored glaze spread between the layers of this luscious chocolate cake..." I had to make this cake soon and with Ella's birthday coming up, I had just the occasion.Rum flavored glaze is probably not the top choice of flavors for a one year old? She would probably appreciate something a bit more simple, you say?  Is this cake really for Ella or for you, you ask? I agree with you 100%. This is not a 1st birthday cake at all. Maybe I should make something else, or maybe I should just ignore you and make it anyway. So...that is what I did. I ignored the little guy on my shoulder trying to talk me out of making this cake for her first birthday and made it despite the ongoing commentary about how inappropriate it was for a one year old. That makes me pretty selfish, doesn't it? Well... this is just the beginning. This pushes me over on the selfish scale because … [Continue reading]

Happy Birthday Ella

My sweet Ella turned one this past Sunday. I remember back to a year ago when I was in labor. I had done this two times before, so I knew what labor was. I absolutely KNEW I was in labor. My husband and I walked out of the Di Vinci Code, called my parents who were watching the kids for us while we were out on our date, and told them we were headed to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, the cursed nurse hooked my up to the monitors and told me that no...I wasn't in labor. I wasn't even having contractions. Excuse me?? I could hardly walk, could hardly talk and I knew I was in labor. She wasn't convinced because the monitor wasn't showing anything. She said I could get up and walk the halls some, but if I wasn't having contractions by midnight she was sending me home. I was so peeved and while my husband and I were walking the halls, we timed the contractions at 3 minutes apart. I went back to my room right before midnight and the cursed nurse hooked me up again and said "Nope... you aren't having contractions. I need to check a couple of things, but I'm going to go ahead and send you home." I was peeved to say the least. I knew I was in labor.Thank God, at midnight there was a shift change and the blessed nurse arrived. She came to check on me and looked at the monitor the cursed nurse had hooked me up to and said "This isn't hooked up right at all." Then she hooked me up to the monitor correctly only to discover that my contractions were 2 minutes … [Continue reading]