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Geniune Italian – Giada De Laurentiis

 My good friend Kathy and I, along with our husbands, went to a Giada De Laurentiis book signing a couple of weeks ago. We were 4 of about 1,000 eager fans who were lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out event. We were all anxious to find out if Giada is the "real deal". Could she possibly be as genuine and adorable in real life as she comes across on TV? The answer? Simply, yes. Giada de Laurentiis seems to be the real deal. Genuine, full of life, friendly and beautiful (how else do you think we got our hubby's to go along with us?) Giada arrived at the book signing/speaking engagement after several weeks on the road promoting her newest cookbook Everyday Pasta. Kansas City was near the end of the tour for her. She was about 15 minutes late, but when she walked into the room you felt like she had all the time in the world and that you were her one and only focus. Some of the questions and answers that I found interesting are below. Please note, these are not exact quotes but mere summaries of the dialog.Do you plan on ever opening a restaurant? Opening a restaurant is on the back burner right now because she is just too busy with her shows (Everyday Italian & Giada's Weekend Getaways) and creating recipes for her cookbooks. It is a dream of hers that she hopes to someday make a reality.How many hours does it take to make one episode of Everyday Italian? Giada spends 3 months creating and testing recipes. The actual taping of one 22 minute show takes … [Continue reading]

Gourmet Magazine May 2007

Written for Paper Palate on the Well Fed NetworkOne of the biggest complaints I hear about Gourmet magazine is that it has too many advertisements. People get frustrated at the amount of magazine space that is taken up by the ads and tend to skip reading the issues all together because of this. I personally love the ads in Gourmet magazine. Ads for vacations, upscale kitchen appliances, food products with recipes included, etc. These ads do not bother me one bit. In fact, in issues like the May 2007 issue, I think the ads are what makes the magazine. While reading this issue, I found myself bored and uninterested, which has never happened to me when I have had an issue of Gourmet in my hands. The spring season seems to be the prime time for magazine publishers to post issues about travel. With food magazines, this means the writers get to travel all over the world to report back to us the hot spots and must have of certain destinations. The May 2007 issue of Gourmet magazine has been deemed their Special Travel Issue. The staff of Gourmet traveled to Australia and Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Mexico and South America, the Caribbean and the United States with the promise of giving us the very best of food from these sources. They did scoop up some wonderful recipes, but the content in between lacked much interest for me. If you are planning a trip to any of these destinations this summer, you could pick up the May 2007 issue of Gourmet magazine and give your taste … [Continue reading]

South of the Border S’Mores

Written for Kids Cuisine on the Well Fed Network Getting creative at snack time is always a challenge for me. I know that other moms share this struggle as well. It is hard to get out of the cheese and crackers rut. Thank goodness there are resources out there to help us out. One of my favorite places to turn for snack time inspiration is Family Fun Magazine and the Family Fun website. This family of resources is my number one place to turn when I need something creative for the kids...whether it be a craft, party ideas or simple snack solutions. A couple of years ago, Family Fun Magazine posted a snack recipe that caught my eye. It is a recipe that I make several times a month now for snack. It is simple, the kids can help to make it, we always have the ingredients on hand and it is a tasty snack that they love. South of the Border S'Mores 4 servings 10 min 5 min prep 2 flour tortillas (8-10 inch) 3 large marshmallows, cut in half 2 tablespoons milk chocolate chips 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon sugar, mixture Generously coat a medium skillet with vegetable spray and heat it over medium heat.Place a tortilla in the skillet, then sprinkle the marshmallow halves and the chocolate chips evenly over it.Top with the second tortilla and spray it with vegetable spray as well.Cook the tortilla stack for 1-2 minutes or until lightly browned, then carefully flip it and cook on the other side for an … [Continue reading]

Really…We Are Still Sick

 I know... I am a horrible kid/family blogger. I am sorry I haven't been keeping this part of the blog updated. Truth be told, sickness is still going around in our house. Jacob, knock on wood, is healthy but has to visit a specialist on Friday about a possible hernia he may have, which would mean two surgeries this summer instead of the initial tonsillectomy we thought we would be doing. I had Ella into the pediatrician last Friday because she was wheezy and fussy. Ended up that she has another ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. I took Kelly in today because half way through school she laid her head down on the table and told her teacher her head hurt. They took her temperature and it was at 102. I took her to the doctor and she has Strep throat and "crackling" in her chest (whatever that means.) All of this stuff keeps getting circulated around their school. There hasn't been a single family not hit a few times this year with all of this crud. I am looking forward to summer just so we can all get well...finally!Here are a few pictures to keep you (Mom) satisfied until they get well and provide me with better material. Hopefully that will be real soon.  … [Continue reading]

From Disaster to Divine

 The first time I ever made clover rolls it was a kitchen disaster. To this day I have no idea what went wrong. The rolls that I had such high hopes for were hard as a rock. My husband and I had a fun time kicking them around the kitchen. I tried to give our dog one and he, the dog that normally inhaled people food, took the roll in his mouth, ran outside and buried it. I think he knew deep down that these rolls should be out of site because of the danger they could cause if one was thrown and bonked someone in the head. We are talking concussion quality rolls.That was a few years ago and I had stayed clear of clover rolls because of that one disaster. Today, however, I had a change of heart. I was trying to decide what to make for the Waiter There's Something in My...Bread event. I was browsing through my recipes and was feeling uninspired. What happened next was nothing short of fate. I literally stumbled upon a food blog called "What We're Eating". This blog sucked me in from the first post I read and I kept reading and reading. It is a brilliant blog. As I was browsing through the posts I noticed some amazing photographs. Particularly, a photo of some incredible looking Rosemary Clover Rolls. I knew that this was my sign to get back on that horse and try to make clover rolls again. I was going to give this recipe a try and hope that it would be a success.Let me tell all of you... I think these have got to be the best rolls, hands down, that I have ever … [Continue reading]