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Date Night, Grown Up Shrimp and #ApothicWhite

A simple and flavorful Lemon Kale Baked Shrimp from www.dineanddish.net #ApothicWhite

My husband and I used to be really fun people. We did! We used to have regular date nights, spent plenty of nights out until the wee hours of the morning down in the bar district, vacationed often, lived a fun, carefree and exciting life. We were sexy, edgy and fun. Then things changed... excitement turned into getting all 4 kids down to sleep all at the same time (quite the feat), finding a new stock to invest in that would help to pad our retirement fund (yippee) and if we were really on the wild side, actually going into a restaurant with actual silverware on the table to eat with all 4 kids instead of pulling through the drive through (so risqué) . What happened to us? Where is the fun and sexy couple we once were? Well, I can tell you, that couple is still here... we just have to make more of an effort to find them. Date nights take on a different meaning when you are 40 with 4 kids and have been married for 14 years. The need to connect is probably stronger than ever, but the energy it takes... not to mention the money for babysitting, the desire to get out of, what I call, Friday Night Pants, and the ability to stay awake for an entire dinner and a movie...the thought of all of that usually makes us decide to just forget it. Then, after yet one more conversation by text, because we can't hear each other talk over the interruptions and noise from the kids, we decide... "hon, I think it's time we find our fun and sexy selves again, don't you?" … [Continue reading]

Through the Trouble {Recipe: Toasted Pistachio Toffee Brittle}

Toasted Pistachio Toffee Brittle from dineanddish.net

A tasty candy brittle loaded with toasted, Diamond brand, Pistachios.  So, our house went on the market this past weekend and I'm already kind of over the whole process! In the last week I spent 2 days ticked off and not speaking to my husband (because I'm mature that way), 24 hours completely digging through every nook and cranny in our house de-junking, de-cluttering and cleaning, enlisting my best friend to clean out my pantry, and drinking lots of wine. We haven't even had our house on the market for 2 days yet and the whole process is already stressing me out! We are absolutely in one of those no-lose situations as we love where we are, our neighbors and our home, and we love the house that we've been looking at. If we did move it would only be a few miles down the road, if we don't, we are totally happy. The house we have our eyes on has 2 acres of land (and a sunroom) which is something we've wanted for quite sometime. However, again, we have survived this long without land, and can survive even longer if things don't happen with that other house. So needless to say, we are in one of those chaotic states of flux right now! … [Continue reading]

Dunkin’ Donuts $350 {ARV} Bakery Series Giveaway – CLOSED

Dunkin Donuts Bakery Series Giveaway {$350arv}

An awesome giveaway from Dunkin' Donuts for a complete set of Bakery Series Coffees, $250 Visa Gift Card, Dunkin' Donuts coffee mug, Mr. Coffee Pot 12-cup coffee maker. This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to winner, Krystal Waters. Thanks to all who have entered! I love coffee. One thing I love almost as much as coffee is doughnuts. In fact, all it takes is someone to mention the "d-word" or show a picture of a doughnut and an instant craving happens. We had a Dunkin' Donuts with a 24-hour drive through open up near our house and it is rather dangerous. Just driving by the big pink sign makes me crave my two favorite combinations...coffee and doughnuts. As much as I love Dunkin' Donuts coffee, I can't go there everyday to grab a cup because I can't possibly go there just for coffee when an entire display of donuts are staring me in the face! That's why I love this new Dunkin' Donuts Bakery Series coffee I can brew at home.  Check out these new, doughnut inspired flavors: … [Continue reading]

Boys {Recipe: Half-Smashed Refried Beans}

Half Smashed Refried Beans from dineanddish.net

Half-Smashed Refried Beans recipe featuring Bush's Beans. Boys are funny, aren't they? March Madness is in full swing and the bracket talk around here between my husband and son and his friends is so funny to listen to. Baseball season is also upon us, so we are kind of limboing between being fans of two different sports at once. The other day my son was on the phone (actually using it to talk, not text, which seemed odd) and he and his friend were alternating between discussing the odds of various basketball teams winning and stats of favorite baseball players. I couldn't keep up. In fact, I have to think of a mnemonic device just to remember a single phone number, and then I'm lucky if I can even recite it. I still have to look up my sisters number when I call her, and she's had the same phone number for forever! It's almost like boys have a special place in their brain to keep batting averages, percentage free throws made, season all time bests, etc. My son can't remember that Thursday has been trash day for every day of his life, but if you ask him who was the all time leading base stealer in the MLB in 2009, he can tell you. It's nuts.  … [Continue reading]

Connect Through Reading – 5 Book Reviews

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 12.28.21 PM

  I am so excited to be sharing this post with you today, because #1) it means I'm finally feeling well enough to read again and #2) some of these books are sooooo good! I've been not reading much at all this year so far, and it's killing me. I'm so glad to have my energy back and the desire to read books again! Without further ado, let's chat about books, shall we?  … [Continue reading]