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Happiness Report #30 – Thoughts on Phoning it In

The Happiness Report 30 at dineanddish.net

This morning I was sitting at my kitchen table, reading the newspaper and drinking my made at home latte, mulling over in my mind what I am going to say during my talk at the upcoming Chopped Conference. The topic of my talk is something I am really passionate about in the blogging world, which is basically blogging beyond your stats. My unofficial mantra has always been "what kind of blog will you have if you don't have a life to blog about". Meaning, we need to stop sitting behind our computers all day, refreshing our stats, scheduling our posts, trying to get ahead or at least how I feel, not get completely left behind. I'll admit that I came back from a really refreshing retreat with friends in Tahoe recently and was pumped to get organized and get working. Dine & Dish has and always will be a space I love and treasure, but over the past year or so I admit to not putting my whole heart into it. I got tired of the blogging games that we are all doing to "get more traffic!!", "grow your readership!!", "get more likes!!!". So instead of doing something about it, I just kind of threw in the towel and said "oh, well...". And so you'd think when I threw in the towel and just started phoning it in, my life would have been richer and more fulfilled. Not so. I've slowed down on reading books, which you know reading brings me happiness. My office is an absolute mess, which for a former FlyLady group leader, is unthinkable (my desk, right now above...ugh). My mind … [Continue reading]

Tea Time Pumpkin Spice Tea Latte Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Tea Latte Recipe from dineanddish.net

A very special Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea Latte recipe, inspired by my visit to the Celestial Seasonings Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Read all the way to the end for an incredible $100+ value Tea Lovers Giveaway! This past week I had the chance to visit the Celestial Seasonings Headquarters, one of the largest specialty tea manufacturers in North America. One of my favorite things about my job is getting to see the "behind the scenes" of brands I love and use everyday. Opportunities like these...to meet the people and see the hard work and dedication that goes into bringing my favorite cup of tea to life is something I really love. I could never imagine all the thought and effort that goes into something that gives me my most simple of pleasures each day, like tea time. The people at Celestial Seasonings were as warm and welcoming as their tea... they made us feel so comfortable and appreciated. Driving up to the facilities was especially humbling as the entire company was standing outside, holding signs and cheering our arrival. I was so touched and I know the other bloggers I was with felt the same way. For a corporation this big to stop their production line to welcome us is a pretty big deal. We took in a lot of great information during our day, but I'd like to share 5 fun facts I learned while on my tour. I hope you can learn a few things about Celestial Seasonings and you just might learn how you've been making your tea wrong all these years, like me! … [Continue reading]

Simple Smoked Sausage Chili Recipe

Simple Smoked Sausage Chili Recipe from dineanddish.net

A simple Smoked Sausage Chili Recipe made with Bush's new Black Chili Beans in Mild Chili Sauce. 6 ingredients and 30 minutes is all it takes to get this chili recipe on your table tonight! Ahhhh October... or also known as my New Year. One thing I love about October is the weather... light, long sleeved shirts are my favorite to snuggle up in and wear all day. Typically, October allows for that. But right now, I am sitting at my desk with fans blowing, windows open and in a tank top and capris not feeling the typical chipper October air. It could be that I've recently turned 41 and my "internal body temperature" is, ahem, off some. Damn aging. It could also be that Mother Nature has been in some kind of seasonal funk the past couple of years and is messing with my seasons. How dare she. I'd better hush up and not talk about Miss Nature or she'll get back at me this winter, which I do not want. … [Continue reading]

BBQ Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

BBQ Roasted Chickpeas Recipe - a great snack from the Seriously Delish Cookbook

This Roasted Chickpeas Recipe with a special BBQ Seasoning is a great snack from the Seriously Delish Cookbook! Enter to win a copy of your own! Before we get to this BBQ Roasted Chickpeas recipe, can we take a moment to talk about Jessica from How Sweet Eats and her fabulous new cookbook, Seriously Delish? I have always told people that Jessica is one of the hardest working bloggers I know. Since the moment she typed her first word on her blog, that girl has been working tirelessly to bring her faithful followers the most creative recipes around. She has always been someone I really admire for her work ethic and her commitment to stay true to who she is no matter what the rest of the blogosphere is doing. She does her own thing, beats her own drum, and does it so well. I'm really proud to be able to call Jessica a friend and someone I can get real with when I'm overwhelmed by the industry we're in.  … [Continue reading]

Hard Cider Pumpkin Float Recipe

Hard Cider Pumpkin Ale Float from dineanddish.net

Hard Cider Ale plus Talenti Pumpkin Pie Gelato equals a boozy float beverage perfect for fall sipping. I'm blaming this Hard Cider Float recipe on Jessica. I don't even know why, but I know I've seen her put ice cream in ale before... and it just seems like something she would do. And enjoy. Although not right this moment because she's pregnant. But even still, she'd enjoy me enjoying this boozy float for her, I'm sure. I've blogged floats before, even boozy floats, but never one like this. This Hard Cider Float takes floats to a whole new level. This isn't your mama's old fashioned soda fountain float. No way. This is a full of pumpkin flavor idea for the inbetween season when it's still too warm out for hot chocolate but not quite warm enough for foo-foo summer drinks. The Hard Cider Float is a good, refreshing cocktail when you want that must have fall pumpkin flavor without the hot drinks of the cooler months.  … [Continue reading]