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How to Win Friends and Influence People

I am sure many of you are familiar with Dale Carnegie’s best selling book How to Win Friends and Influence People. His book is one of those books that is a must read for business professionals. In this best selling book, Dale Carnegie lists six ways to make people like you. Those six things are: Become genuinely interested in other people. Smile. Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves. Talk in terms of the other person's interests. Make the other person feel important - and do it sincerely. As much as I love this book, I cannot help but think that Mr. Carnegie is missing a key point. My number one way to win friends and to influence people is to bake for them. If I want to make a good impression on someone or if I want to influence someone to do something for me, I simply bake him or her a treat of some kind and typically, I get what I want. It is very simple, really, and I do not have to do a lot of talking or listening. I simply present them with the baked good item and upon consumption, we are instant friends and they are putty in my hands. One way that I influence my kids around the house is by baking them what they call "cupcakes" for breakfast. They are really muffins, but if they think they are getting dessert for breakfast, who am I to correct them? My husband is traveling in New York again this week so I knew I … [Continue reading]


 I am so unoriginal. I know that many of you out there are great creators of recipes. Yes - I throw things together and create some yummy meals, but when I do that I never write it down or would not be able to recreate exactly what I did to perfection. I have always been amazed by people who can create recipes. Me...I'm a follower. I love those of you who create the recipes because then I can come along and follow in your footsteps and the hard work has already been done for me. I get nervous to switch things up too much because beyond recipe following, I am not so confident in my abilities. Last week, the talented Deborah over at Taste and Tell posted a recipe for homemade teriyaki sauce. She created a delicious looking grilled chicken teriyaki dish. Myself, being the copycat follower that I am, decided to make her teriyaki dish this week for dinner. I copied her recipe for the teriyaki sauce exactly, but I stir fried some shrimp and pineapple in with the sauce instead of chicken. Thanks to Deborah posting the recipe, and me being an absolute follower, I will never be buying jarred teriyaki sauce at the store again. I am not going to post the recipe here. I'll lead you to Deborah's site to be a copycat for yourself.  … [Continue reading]

We Made It!

The first day of Kindergarten came and went and we made it. Jacob walked into the school and together we walked all the way down the long hall to his classroom. He hung his backpack outside of his room and by the time I turned around he had walked right inside his room...without even saying goodbye! I peeked in and said "Jacob?" He looked at me and smiled like "Ooops!" and I came in and gave him a hug.He was so excited to be at school and he had a wonderful first day. He has already made some new friends, he was so excited about going to the library, and he wants to invite his teacher to his next birthday party. He can't wait to go back tomorrow. Of course, the three hours he was gone flew by as I am sure it will everyday. Kelly missed Jacob a lot and couldn't wait to go pick him up.I had only a few tears...I did much better than I expected! Here is to another milestone.  … [Continue reading]


 If it wasn't completely obvious by my last post, I had myself all worked up about Kindergarten over the weekend.  In my mind, I had imagined every "worst case scenario" and had cried buckets of tears stressing about the "First Day of Kindergarten Event". I told myself to hold it together this morning...no matter what, I could not ruin Jacob's excitement by crying today.You know what I have discovered? The anticipation of today was ten times worse than the actually event. We have been talking about Kindergarten for so long, and my fellow Kindergarten mom's have been talking about not crying and keeping our happy faces on, etc. Today, when we actually walked up to school and then Jacob confidently walked right into his classroom without even a bit of hesitation, I realized we had jumped over a huge hurdle. Yes - he will never again have a first day of Kindergarten, but he will have many more wonderful other days of Kindergarten. The anticipation of today was completely blown out of proportion... I survived, he survived and we are on with the future. Another thing I have been anticipating for quite some time is the Devil's Food White Out Cake from Dorie Greenspan's cookbook, Baking: From  My Home To Yours. I have been drooling over this cake since I first got my copy of this cookbook almost a year ago. I drooled some more when several of you made this cake and posted about it on your blogs. I could not wait to try it, and I could almost … [Continue reading]

Comfort Me

My baby starts Kindergarten tomorrow. At one point recently, I did not think that Kindergarten was going to be that big of deal. The school we go to still has half day Kindergarten, so I get my boy back every afternoon. As the time has neared, and as we have gone to the Kindergarten Round-Up and School Open House, I am really starting to not be able to hold it together. What is it about Kindergarten that stirs up such emotions? He has gone to preschool for the past three years. We have been apart before. He loves school and has zero anxiety about it whatsoever. For me, I think the emotions stirring are from the time we have had over the past five years. Have I spent enough quality time with him? Did we build memories that he will look back fondly on? My friend Sara, whose daughter started full day 1st grade this year, summed it up perfectly. "I feel like I have just wasted the past 6 years with her." I know that I haven't wasted the past five years with Jacob, but I cannot help but feel like we could have done more. I should have worked less and played more. I should have scolded less and hugged more. I know that I am a good mom and I know that Jacob and I have a great relationship. I also know that he is going to be exposed to things that he has never been exposed to...kids and people that I have been able to protect him from in the past. The real world is inside those school doors, and I don't think I am ready for him to face that. As you can imagine, there is … [Continue reading]