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Hi Mom!

 Kelly had her preschool Christmas program last week. You may remember Jacob's from last year where he was "that" kid who sang at the top of his little lungs throughout the entire program. Knowing Kelly, I was surprised she did not do the same. She did a great job at her program and played the part of a cow (I think...however she told us she was a sheep!). It was an adorable little program and Kelly looked so pretty in her Christmas dress. Throughout the entire program when she would make eye contact with us, she would get a huge grin on her face and wave. After the program, we got in the car to leave and she said "Mommy...when can I do that again? I loved being in my Christmas program!"  … [Continue reading]

Housekeeping – Adopt a Blogger and Pay It Forward

I have a ton of housekeeping to do around here! This post isn't going to have a whole lot of substance, but I promise a great soft sugar cookie recipe at the if you hang in there through to the end. Pay It Forward:Sandi over at one of my favorite blogs, The Whistlestop Cafe, posted a little something on her blog last week about a Pay It Forward thing going on around the blogosphere. I decided to participate and with that you get the chance to participate as well!  Here's the scoop: “I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this Paying It Forward exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, which is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.”Adopt a BloggerThank you all for being so patient about the Adopt a Blogger event. What was I thinking starting this right around the holidays? My goal is to have everyone matched up by the middle of this week. We are still very top heavy on the newbie bloggers. If you are a blogger who has blogged for a year or more and are interested in participating, please add your request to join in the comment section of the original adopt a blogger post. Nick 'n' Soft Sugar Cookies - Recipe from the December 2007 issue of Taste of Home magazineThese cookies are perfect for cutouts. The dough is incredibly easy to work … [Continue reading]

Dear Santa

 (Taken by the staff photographer at Breakfast with Santa. Check out last years picture by clicking HERE. What a difference a year makes!)Our "Dear Santa" letters for this year:"Dear Santa, Melmo...backback...backpack... Love, Ella""Dear Santa Claus,I would like for you to surprise me this year. I have been good this year. I stayed on green in my classroom the whole year so far. I sleep in my bed all night without calling for my mommy and daddy. I use my manners. Please and thank you. How are you? I want one thing this year. I would like a Transformer.  I love you! Jacob""Dear Santa,How have you been? I only want a candy cane this year. I want a two baby stroller with two seats. I would like a dolly house and a dolly this year. How's your ride? Do you like carrots? I do what my mommy and daddy say. I like sparkles. Will you get mom and dad something cute that they want too? I loved that time we took that picture sitting on your lap. That was nice. You were cool. What houses are you going to?  My name is Kelly and we are in Kansas...not Iowa. I hope you can find it. Nothing else! Love, Kelly"  … [Continue reading]

Call Me Mrs Sophisticated

We are a sophisticated group, my friends and family. Friday night we got tipsy off of boxed wine and did Karaoke.... Karaoke that we thought sounded GREAT but probably in reality was not so much. Saturday, some of us Kathy had to recover from said boxed wine. Sunday, the purchaser of the boxed wine was over hanging out while the hubbies were out watching football. I was determined to get some baking done, but got more chatting done instead. One of the recipes I made was from a little magazine called Cook's Country. My friend (and talented photographer) Julie had given me a couple of issues awhile back and when I saw the recipe for Quaker Bonnet Biscuits, I bookmarked it to try at a future date.Well, that day was yesterday. As Sara and I were chatting the timer for the oven went off and I pulled out the tray of Quaker Bonnet Biscuits. Setting them on the counter, Sara and I both looked at them...not quite seeing the "bonnets". As we continued to stare, it suddenly came to me. "Boobs! These biscuits look nothing like bonnets. They look like boobs! I am going to call this 'boob bread'."  Sara went on to say not just any boobs...but pregnant boobs. Of course, when the hubbies came in, we offered them some "boob bread" and many more sophisticated comments came out of their mouths. I'll spare you the details.If you can get past the boobs and get on with the bonnets, this bread recipe is really a good one! It is more like a dense bread roll consistency rather than a biscuit. … [Continue reading]

A Little Friend

 I have had a little friend helping me with my work today. Yes...Mr Ladybug (aren't they misters if they are this yellow color?) decided that he wants to be a recruiter, so he has been spending the day on my computer, determined to learn everything he can about the industry so he too someday can be in this profession.Why, do you ask, am I allowing him to hang out on my computer? Well... the answer is easy. Kelly had an absolute meltdown of a fit when I was going to take him outside "to be with his family". "But, I think he wants to be part of our family Mommy... please can he stay?" Being the sucker for those cute blue eyes and a passionate heart, I am now working away with a ladybug hanging out on my computer.   … [Continue reading]