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Menu Planning

One of my goals for 2007 is to start menu planning again. I used to make a menu plan on a monthly basis and was quite obsessive about it, but since we moved to our new house and added another baby to the family, my old menu planning habits have fallen by the wayside. These […]

Stinky Breath

What do you make when you find yourself home alone for the weekend, without a husband in sight, when you are sick of sweets and hearty food, and you’ve been reading about delicious salad’s all week and you have some wonderful new Alejandro & Martin Olive Oil that you want to try out? Me? I […]

Is it really okay to eat Puppy Chow??

“Is it really okay to eat Puppy Chow?” This is a question my almost 5 year old son asks me anytime I make this delicious snack. He just can’t get over the fact that we are eating something named after dog food, and that looks like dog food too! I wish it bothered me more […]

Next time, we’re drinking!

My friend Angie came over yesterday to make our annual cookie plates. Several people who make cookie and goodie trays for friends and neighbors during the holiday’s spread it out over the course of several days. Not Angie and I. We decided this year that we would knock it all out in one afternoon. Now, […]

It’s 2pm… Do You Know Where Your Gingerbread Man Is?

Rumor has it that Gingerbread Men are pretty sneaky. I remember back in Kindergarten making Gingerbread Men cookies during class, and while they were baking in the school oven, they somehow sneaked off, leaving little clues all over the school as to where they’ve been and what they were doing. They had no intention whatsoever […]

Party #2 – Golden Globes Girls Night Out

The e-vites for my January party just went out. It will be a ladies only, Golden Globe party on January 15th. I’ve always wanted to do some kind of party surrounding the Hollywood award shows, but I always seem to think about it after the fact and completely miss the boat. Not this year…I’m on […]

The Oven Union

It seems like during the month of November and December my oven is in constant use. I’m glad there isn’t an oven union out there because mine would probably be complaining of abuse! If it had legs, I’m sure it would be marching right out of our house to the nearest picket line, in search […]

The Bad Day Cure – Chocolate!!

I had a bad dad today. I won’t even get into it here… if you are that curious, check out the other section of my blog (Dine and Dish Family Style) and you’ll get the complete scoop. What does a gal like me turn to on days like this? OK…let me rephrase this. What does […]

I Don’t Like Santa Claus… but he has nice shoes!

Our church had its annual Breakfast With Santa on Saturday morning. This is the perfect opportunity for kids in our parish to have some festive fun decorating cookies, playing reindeer games, and of course… sitting on Santa’s lap to convince him you’ve been a good kid and that he needs to bring you all the […]

Going Commando?

Our neighborhood holiday sleigh ride was last night. The holiday sleigh ride takes place every year in our subdivision and is a big hit with kids and adults alike. Santa comes, there’s plenty of hot chocolate and cookies, and everyone takes a ride through the subdivision on a horse drawn sleigh. It’s one of those […]