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#ThisIs40 Week 3 in Pictures

Photo of Ella age 7 lauging

Hi all! It's time to share week 3 of my 40th year! Here we go! … [Continue reading]

Connect Through Reading {Recipe: Banana Beignets}

Banana Beignets Recipe from www.dineanddish.net

Today I'm sharing a special Connect Through Reading post - it includes a really fabulous Banana Beignet recipe - but it's special for other reasons! I have to give you some backstory first, though. About 9 years ago I was working from home doing a job I hated. I was working as a recruiter for a 1 man company. Recruiting was my background and the pay was good, but the type of recruiting I was doing required me to be on the phone a lot throughout the day cold calling. Cold calling is something I detest, but the job paid well and I really liked the guy I was working for. Now, mind you, I had a 2 year old and an infant at the time. I was really trying to balance it all, and was stressed out to the max. I thought I should have been grateful to have a job from home that was flexible so I could be at home with my kids, but again... every time I would pick up the phone to make a call, I wanted to throw up and cry. I was part of a book club and along came our month to read the book Tending Roses by Lisa Winegate. This book, with the quote to describe it being "The lessons that most enrich our lives often come at unexpected moments and from unlikely places. " absolutely changed my life. This one story, so tender and achingly real, touched my heart in so many ways and taught me an important lesson about recognizing what the priorities in our life should be... and how quickly life can pass us by. I quit that recruiting job the day after I finished the book and decided to find … [Continue reading]

Taco Chili and a Wholly Guacamole Giveaway

A Hearth Taco Chili Recipe from dineanddish.net

A tasty and hearty Taco Chili to help fuel your family at dinnertime. Thank you to my friends at Wholly Guacamole for sponsoring this post and giveaway.  During the colder months, our family tends to fall into a weekly routine of having certain foods on certain days. Taco Tuesday, Pizza Friday, Soup and Chili Thursday, etc. Somedays, we get a little crazy and decide to mix things up a bit. This Taco Chili happens to be one example our crazy antics! We love Tacos in the Dine & Dish house. We love Chili too. So, I thought, what about combining the two and making a Taco Chili? Instead of traditional chili seasoning, I used homemade Taco seasoning, amped up the flavor with some Wholly Salsa and topped it off with a generous dollop of Wholly Guacamole.  … [Continue reading]

Recipe: Savory Creamy Pumpkin Cups

Savory Creamy Pumpkin Cups

When I was hired by Athens Foods to create a savory recipe featuring their Mini Phyllo Shells, I knew I wanted something that would incorporate the flavors of the season. Naturally, I thought pumpkin. There aren't that many recipes around that are savory and feature pumpkin, but the ones that are out there sure are good! I decided I need to do my part to help people know that pumpkin can really shine in more than sweet desserts this time of year. Pumpkin is a great ingredient in savory food too!  … [Continue reading]

A Collection of Mushroom Recipes

Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe from dineanddish.net

  Thank you all so much for sharing your favorite mushroom recipes over the past 2 weeks. With your help, we were able to bring awareness to The Mushroom Industry's initiative to "Go Pink" for breast cancer awareness! As you know from my earlier post featuring my Creamy Mushroom and 3 Bean Soup, this is a cause close to my heart. We've been swapping out meat for mushrooms in some of our favorite recipes to give our meals a healthy boost with the wonderful benefits of mushrooms. Below, you'll find links to some wonderful recipes featuring fresh mushrooms. But first, congratulations to Donna from Cooistry for winning the random drawing for a gift card and mushroom apron from The Mushroom Channel. Donna shared a wonderful recipe for Mushroom Stroganoff, which is a perfect example of swapping out meat for mushrooms in a classic recipe! Now, on to the wonderful collection of Mushroom Recipes! … [Continue reading]