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Blueberries Get Their Day to Shine

  First of all, let me get some of the vacation details out of the way. Our vacation was really nice, minus all the bonding time we had in the car. I love my family, but 40 hours in the car reverses the love we developed for each other from the first 20 hours of […]

Baked Goods = Love

Written for Just Baking on the Well Fed Network   There used to be a time when I did not see the point of making homemade cookies. Why bother with all the trouble when you can get refrigerated cookie dough? What could be easier than snipping open the package, slicing some dough and then baking […]


Crave: to want greatly : to yearn for: to have a strong or inward desire  Oh, I know all about cravings. Cravings are getting up in the middle of the night to make scones because you cannot get them out your mind.  Cravings are my 13 year old nephew walking one and a half miles […]

Life Gets in the Way

You know…sometimes life gets in the way. We have had a very busy, hectic, crazy couple of weeks. It has honestly been a whirlwind of activity and I have barely had a moment alone in the kitchen. If you are curious to see what has been going on in our life (and if you want […]

Welcome to the Rotation

  I love to try new recipes. I love finding things that I have not tried before and branching out to taste new flavors. I would say that on an average week, I make a given 5 new recipes…sometimes more, rarely less. The internet recipe sites, all of the published cookbooks and magazines out there […]

The Sacrifice of Seafood

  I just thought I would post here some proof that we do eat things other than cakes, cookies and baked goods. Seafood is one of my favorite things to eat. I love Fridays during Lent because we are obligated to not eat meat, which means that seafood is the food of choice. One of […]

Breaking the Rules

  There is a little coffee shop here in town that we like to frequent. The Country Club Cafe is a great hangout for moms because it provides us with a nice, relaxing environment to chat with our friends while our kids get to play quietly in the designated kids play area. The coffee is […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Goodness

  I tend to be one of the first people I know to try new products. Yes…I am a complete sucker for a new idea. I will try something new before the buzz about it hits the streets and the reviews are out on whether the product is great or a bomb. It should come […]


I have officially become domesticated. There have been little signs along the way that this transition was taking place, but I believe it is now official. When I bought my first hostess apron from Etsy, that was a sign. When Fly Lady and Recipezaar took over Entertainment websites on my list of favorites, that was […]

Snicker What??

Have you ever heard a 3 year old say "Snickerdoodle"? Apparently, it is the funniest word in the English language because when I made Snickerdoodles today and mentioned the name of the cookie to Kelly, she went off in a fit of giggles. Then she tried to repeat the name…"Schneekerdoodie", in a high pitched voice, […]