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Recipe: Creamy Mushroom and 3 Bean Soup

Creamy Mushroom and 3 Bean Soup from Dine & Dish

Creamy Mushroom and 3 Bean Soup is a zesty and flavorful bowl of comfort. When you look for fresh mushrooms for your recipes this month, you'll notice mushrooms will be sold in pink packaging in honor of National Breast Cancer awareness month recognizing the industry’s commitment to breast cancer research. Thanks to The Mushroom Council and their partnership with City of Hope for sponsoring this recipe challenge giveaway and post.  When you lose a friend or family member to cancer, you tend to step back and take inventory of how you live your life. Every product you use, every bit of food you eat gets scrutinized just a little more closely. You begin to wonder if there are things you, personally, can do to lessen your risk of cancer coming into your life again. You pay closer attention to companies supporting cancer research. You follow key messaging and hope...hope and pray... that a cure is on the way so no one ever has to face this horrible disease again. … [Continue reading]

New Routines {Recipe: Stuffed Breakfast Sandwiches}

DIY Stuffed Breakfast Sandwiches from www.dineanddish.net

DIY Stuffed Breakfast Sandwiches give your family the opportunity to take breakfast in their own hands. Thank you to my friends at Wholly Guacamole for sponsoring this post and giveaway.  We have some new morning routines at the Dine & Dish house. No longer are my kids all going to the same school and leaving the house at the same time. My husband is up and gone by 6am. Jacob, being in middle school now, starts school an hour before the older girls. Leah doesn't go to preschool until the afternoon. As you can see, getting a consistent morning routine down where everyone gets to eat breakfast at the same time is next to impossible. As my kids have grown and become more independent, we've made efforts to have breakfast be a more hands on affair. Finding breakfast foods that suit everyones needs, timing and tastes isn't always easy... that's why we've turned to doing DIY breakfast buffet bars in the morning.  … [Continue reading]

Grilling Season is Now! {Recipe: Marinated Grilled Sweet Onions}

Marinated Grilled Sweet Onions from www.dineanddish.net

Marinated Grilled Sweet Onions are one of the easiest grilled side dishes you'll find. Thanks to my friends at McCormick spices and seasonings for sponsoring this post.  I always get a chuckle when people say that Labor Day is the official end of grilling season. Anyone who believes that doesn't know my husband. I've known him to be out manning our ghetto grill in 3 feet of snow. A little cooler weather isn't going to stop us from enjoying some of our favorite grilled foods!  … [Continue reading]

Wake Up Breakfast with California Avocados – Giveaway!

Wake Up Breakfast with California Avocados Recipe Linkup and Giveaway www.dineanddish.net

Wake up Breakfast with this California Avocados Recipe Linkup and Giveaway with $1600 in GREAT prizes! Sponsored by California Avocados.   (Sweet Potato Hash with Avocado Sauce photo courtesy of Cookin' Canuck) Friends, the time has come! Dara from Cookin' Canuck and I have teased you for weeks, but now the day is finally here! It's the official launch of the California Avocados Recipe Link Up party with $1600 in prizes to be shared! Are you ready to share your favorite California Avocado breakfast recipes? We sure are ready to see them!  … [Continue reading]

Connect Through Reading: Oh My Heart

Fault In Our Stars by John Green reviewed at www.dineanddish.net

Oh friends... do I have some good books to tell you about today! I think two of these books will probably make my top ten best books for 2013... they were *that* good! I am so excited to share them with you.   First up is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  I'll admit, I'm a big "judge a book by the cover" girl, and I honestly avoided reading this book (and the one following) because of their covers. They just didn't pull me in or grab me. I am so very thankful I was convinced by some friends to pick this book up because once I did, I couldn't put it down. The Fault in Our Stars is a story about two teenagers who meet in cancer support group, develop a friendship and fall in love. It's about finding hope and meaning on their journey and sharing a common ground with someone who "gets it". I can't tell you much about the story without giving it away, but you will laugh, and you will cry and you will be so heartbroken when this book is over because it will be a permanent part of your heart, forever. I read this book weeks ago and am tearing up writing this because this book touched me so. Oh, and full disclosure... it's young adult fiction, but please don't let that stop you from reading it! … [Continue reading]