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Lipton Tea K-Cups and Platinum Plus Keurig Brewer Giveaway

Lipton Black Tea Kcup

My most utilized small appliance just got a whole lot better! You know I've always loved my Keurig brewer for brewing up my daily #ShotOfCoffee, but did you know that Lipton Tea has now partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to introduce new Lipton Iced Tea, Black Tea and Green Tea K-Cup Packs?  How great is that? I'm excited to be partnering with Lipton and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to introduce you all to the new Lipton K-Cups and offer a wonderful K-Cup and Keurig Platnium Brewing System giveaway! … [Continue reading]

#ThisIs40 Week 4 in Photos

This Is 40 Photo Opener

Hey all! Before I get into my #ThisIs40 Week 4 in Photos, I wanted to tell you about a new project I've started. So many people contact me each week for advice on writing, so I thought I'd share my free "writing workouts" with those interested. Head over to the new inspiredPrompts page on Dine & Dish to learn more! If you want to improve your writing skills, I promise this will help. OK, now on to my #ThisIs40 week 4 in photos! … [Continue reading]

Recipe: Bacon Cheddar Bay Beer Bread Biscuits

Bacon Cheddar Bay Beer Bread Biscuits from www.dineanddish.net

Before I start my post, about how much I love Kansas Farmers and share this fabulous Bacon Cheddar Bay Beer Bread Biscuit recipe with you, I wanted to pass on this bit of news with you... See that banner? Yes, the one that says you can win BACON for a year? Well click on it and find out how to enter the Show Us Your Bacon contest the Kansas Pork Association is hosting over on their facebook page. Can you imagine winning a years supply of bacon? Oh the goodness that will be coming from your kitchen with that much bacon is unimaginable! If you win, you'll have to share with me, ok? :) Now that you've entered the contest (right?), is it possible for me to wrangle you back in with some talk of bacon recipes and how blessed we are to have hard working farmers in our lives? … [Continue reading]

Healthiness {Recipe: Healthy 2 Bean Kale Soup}

Healthy 2 Bean Kale Soup from www.dineanddish.net

This recipe post is sponsored by Bush's Beans.  You can tell by the different soup recipes I've posted on Dine & Dish throughout the years that I turn to soup for comfort. My mentality has always been the creamier, the heartier, the cheesier, the better! Why waste time and calories on a "healthy" soup? Surely they don't taste as good as a big, steaming bowl of, let's say, baked potato soup? Then I met Sarah Jenks and started going through the Live More Weigh Less Mastery program, and began to really understand my not so great relationship with food. I'm discovering that the decisions I make every day with some of my less than stellar food choices are going to be really hard habits to break. But, I'm working on it...and with the artillery of information Sarah is sharing, I'm really starting to break through some life long barriers and am changing my relationship with food. Which brings me to this Healthy 2 Bean Kale Soup recipe. … [Continue reading]

#ThisIs40 Week 3 in Pictures

Photo of Ella age 7 lauging

Hi all! It's time to share week 3 of my 40th year! Here we go! … [Continue reading]