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Blogging Friends – A Giveaway for You!

I started the Dine & Dish blog in November 2006. Back in my beginning blogging days, I was a very eager, typical new blogger. I cooked and posted on my blog almost every single day. I spent hours reading through blogs and learning the ropes, so to speak. I spent a lot of time networking […]

From the Archives – Return of Alpha Mom vs Slacker Mom

OK all – I am taking the advice of some of you who gave me suggestions about my missing mojo. I have decided to revisit some of my favorite posts from the past that you may have missed. A new post will be up this weekend, but for now, I hope you enjoy the return […]

Commitment Issues

This weekend, as I was cleaning out my bathroom cabinets, I came to the realization that I have some serious commitment issues. Not with relationships, not with work and not with family obligations. My commitment issues lie in the form of product commitments. Shampoo for example. I buy shampoo, get through 3/4 of the bottle […]

Autumn in a Bundle

It is now September. September! Can you believe that? I love spring. I adore summer. I am crazy about autumn! The only thing I don’t like about autumn is that at the end comes winter, and I could totally and completely do without winter. Autumn conjures up so many warm and cozy feelings for me. […]

All Grown Up

When I turned 16, I was finally allowed to date. For a constantly boy crazy girl, I felt like sixteen would never come and when it did, I took full advantage of it! I dated some pretty nice guys, but one guy, who ended up becoming my boyfriend for a few years, taught me more […]

Bad Guys & Apple Bars

When I was much younger, 6th or 7th grade,  I spent the night at my friend Ginny McReynolds house. It was a warm night and as we got into her bed I pulled the light blankets up over me, and then did as I often did and maneuvered myself so my feet stuck out at […]

Something Ordinary

(First of all… are you already having Tastespotting withdrawl like I am? Luckily Food Gawker has stepped in to take over where Tastespotting left off! Check it out!) As someone who writes for a food blog and other food related sites, and someone who also loves to read food blogs, I can admit that often […]

Introducing “I Will Make This… Someday!”

I freecycled my huge stack of magazines and decided to create a post to document the recipes from those magazines that I hope to eventually make. I will be marking these off and adding to it each month as new magazines come. May I please introduce – “I Will Make This….Someday”, Magazine Version. List is […]

I Swear

  Pie Crusts… some cooks swear that lard is the secret key ingredient. Others swear that the secret ingredient that makes their pie crust outstanding is Vodka. Me? I just swear…  not just a little swearing. A big bunch of drunken sailor swear words come out of my mouth each and every time I make […]

Oh, Gourmet… You Tease!

  I had torn up my "Final Notice" subscription renewal form from Gourmet magazine. I had convinced myself that I no longer needed to see the magazine monthly and that not renewing my subscription would be one small step I could take towards budgeting in the new year. The truth is, I haven’t been overly […]