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Memorial Day Gratitude

Fireworks at the Liberty Memorial Memorial Day Celebration in Kansas City

"God bless America, Land that I love, Stand beside her, and guide her Through the night with a light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies, To the oceans, white with foam God bless America, My home sweet home." Irving Berlin My deepest heartfelt gratitude to those who currently serve our country, those fallen soldiers who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. and to all the veterans who so selflessly gave up so much to give us the freedoms so many of us take for granted today. May God always bless you and God Bless America. I'd love to hear about your favorite service man or woman... share their story in the comments!   … [Continue reading]

2014 Summer of Fun Bucket List

Dine and Dish 2014 Summer of Fun Bucket List Summer activities for kids

Hi friends! Sorry for the silence around here lately. My parents have been visiting and we have been busy wrapping up the last few weeks of school! Today is the first day of our summer vacation, which happens to be my most favorite time of the year! We've had an awesome first day...if today is anything like how the rest of the summer is going to be, it's going to be a great one!! Like we do every year, my kids and I have come up with a list of activities we hope to get done before the summer is over. We always tend to overshoot just a bit, which is fine, but at least our list gives us some focus on those days where we may not have a clue as to what to do. I love the lazy days of summer, but I love also having our bucket list to go off of so we can make sure to have as much fun as possible in the next couple of months! You can check out our 2013 Summer Bucket List here and our 2012 Summer Bucket List here. We always carry some favorite activities over from summer to summer. Make sure to follow our Summer of Fun Pinterest boards too to see things that might get added after today! Without further ado, here is our Dine & Dish 2014 Summer of Fun Bucket List! … [Continue reading]

Sharing Mother’s Day {Recipe: Double Chocolate French Toast}

Double Chocolate French Toast from dineanddish.net

A very special Mother's Day breakfast...Double Chocolate French Toast made with King's Hawaiian Bread. This year, Mother's Day is extra special for me because I get to share it with Leah! Yes, friends, Leah's birthday is on Sunday and my baby... whom I'm sure I just brought home from the hospital yesterday...is turning 5! How this has happened, I have no idea. I'm totally convinced that time is moving way faster than it should be at this point! She went from this to this in a blink of an eye! … [Continue reading]

The Happiness Report #28

The Happiness Report 28 dineanddish.net

Hi friends and happy Friday! It has been so so so cold here this past week...it's bringing me down. I'm hopeful that this weekend things will turn back around and Spring will be here to stay for awhile. Until then, I thought I'd take a little assessment of the things that have been making me happy lately and share them with you! How does that sound? Make sure you share below what's been making you happy lately too - because that in turn, makes me happy! … [Continue reading]

California Avocado Walking Tacos

California Avocado Walking Tacos www.dineanddish.net

This recipe for Walking Tacos was created using fresh California Avocados.  Cinco de Mayo is coming up, which happens to be my favorite food holiday of the year. I know that Cinco de Mayo has way more significance than just the food, but you have to admit...it's hard to find a holiday to celebrate with better food around! For the avocado lover, especially, Cinco de Mayo is the mecca of all holidays because it's the perfect time to highlight California Avocados, which are newly in season. There are so many fantastic recipes featuring avocados this time of year! Give me an avocado plain, and I'm a happy girl. Give me a buffet of recipes, all featuring avocados, and I'm thrilled. Like a kid in a candy shop! … [Continue reading]