Wordless Wednesday – Pajama Day

by admin on January 6, 2010


Jealous Much?

by admin on September 11, 2009

Leah is 4 months old today! Cliche as it may sound, I can’t believe that she is 4 months already. Where has the time gone? I watch the slideshow from when she was born and it seriously seems like yesterday.

When the kids woke up this morning, I said “make sure you tell Leah Happy Birthday! She’s 4 months old today!” The older two ran over and started smothering Leah with love. Ella, my 3 year old, looked at me kind of disgusted and said, “Mama… I think Leah has had more than enough birthdays already!” It has taken awhile, but I think the jealousy monster has finally reared its ugly head around here.

Anyway, it took 4 months to finally capture Leah’s smile on camera, but here it is! Of course, we couldn’t do smiles without showing off her more serious side too. Happy 4 month “birthday”, Leah!


Wordless Wednesday – So Long Summer!

by admin on September 9, 2009

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Fresh Paint

by admin on September 8, 2009

We have lived in our house for a little over three years and since arriving have been living with the same builder grade, el cheapo beige paint on our walls. With as many little kids we have coming and going through our house, flat paint is not a good choice because every time someone would touch the wall, it would leave a fingerprint.

I have had a wild hair the past couple of weeks to paint our living room and entry way from the garage. I wanted a smoky charcoal blue/gray color and brought home several testers of paint to try out on our walls. We ended up going with a Sherwin Williams color called Granite Slate. The sample was definitely a smoky charcoal blue / gray color, but once we go it on the walls, it was definitely more blue than gray. I still love it though. It isn’t at all what I had in mind, but in the end, it probably is better than the color I wanted.

I feel like we live in a new house now, except this new paint job in the living room just highlights how ugly the builder grade paint is in our other rooms. Oh well, baby steps and we’ll get it done, but for now, I’ll enjoy my new living room!

(Special thanks to my husband who took over my project and basically did it all on his own… love you!)


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Coupon Cutting Solutions?

by admin on August 28, 2009

I feel like I am finally getting into a routine again. Maybe menu planning, regularly scheduled grocery shopping trips, coupon cutting, etc can resume in my life and I can start feeling a little more organized!

As I was sitting here cutting out coupons from the past three Sunday papers, I kept thinking “there has to be a better way!” I love what I use for my coupon holder… a small one photo per page photo album with each category written on the front of the page. I can easily flip through the book, the categories are specific to what I want them to be, the coupons easily fit so I can pull them out and put them in quickly and it fits nicely in my purse.

I also have a pretty good system for using the coupons when I need them. What I feel like I am lacking is the ability to maximize my savings with coupons. I am not good at comparison shopping because I find that I don’t have the time to run around town to several different stores. In my ideal world, I would love to be able to get everything in one stop.

So, I am turning to you to help me out. I’d love to hear (or read about this if you have already blogged about it) your solutions for cutting coupons and maximizing your savings. Also, if you have a great way for keeping your coupons organized, I’d love to hear about that as well! Like I said before, there has to be an easier way… I just hope you know what that is!


Wordless Wednesday – All About Ella

by admin on August 25, 2009


Bye, Bye Baby

August 23, 2009

Today, we put away the bassinet. The bassinet that has held each of my children while they slept their first few precious months of life. The bassinet that in the middle of the night I would often get up to peek in, to make sure their little chests were still rising and falling. The bassinet […]

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Back to School

August 21, 2009

It is official… my life of being a stay AT home mom is now over. Instead, this week began the back to school hustle and bustle, with three kids on three totally different school schedules! Ella goes to preschool Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Kelly goes to half day Kindergarten Monday through Friday and Jacob is […]

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February 5, 2009

Kelly and Ella are really close. In fact, sometimes Ella chooses to go to Kelly instead of me when she needs comforting. Kelly has such a nurturing quality about her… she is a natural born mother. I am excited about having another girl, but at the same time I am worried about what bringing another […]

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