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Menu Plan Monday – On Tuesday

It feels like Monday to me. Actually, it kind of still feels like the weekend. After two full weeks of school, our kids have their first offical day off for Teacher Inservice things. I love it when they extend an already long weekend with an extra day off of school, but it makes me wish […]

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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Blogger

I launched Adopt a Blogger #2 last week. Blogging friends, we have some eager food blogging newbies who need an experienced blogger to adopt them. Thanks to those of you who have already stepped forward. For the rest of you veteran bloggers, here are the top five reasons why I think you should adopt a […]

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In The Groove

I admit… I was torn to see school start this year. It felt like the summer just flew by. Maybe that is something all moms say once they have kids in school, but I truly feel like summer was gone in a blink. As sad I am to see school back in session, I am […]

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