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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Image Photo

My Favorite Things (Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies)

I have a lot of things that are my favorite. Some things will be forever favorites while other things will be favorites until the next best thing comes along. My favorite pen to write with is a Jonathan Adler teal metal pen, followed closely by fine point Sharpies. My favorite hair product is Chi Silk […]

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The Monster at the End of this Blog Post (Recipe: Monster Cookies)

Warning…there is a monster at the end of this blog post… One of my favorite books as a child was The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone and illustrated by Mike Smollin. Do any of you remember that book? Furry, lovable, Grover from Sesame Street reads the front cover of the […]

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Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Cookies

I am constantly making meals for people. Some people donate money, some people scour their house and pack up things to fling to Goodwill, some people volunteer their time, some people have charity auctions. I do those things as well, but what I find myself doing at least once on a weekly basis is cooking […]

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Next time, we’re drinking!

My friend Angie came over yesterday to make our annual cookie plates. Several people who make cookie and goodie trays for friends and neighbors during the holiday’s spread it out over the course of several days. Not Angie and I. We decided this year that we would knock it all out in one afternoon. Now, […]

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The Bad Day Cure – Chocolate!!

I had a bad dad today. I won’t even get into it here… if you are that curious, check out the other section of my blog (Dine and Dish Family Style) and you’ll get the complete scoop. What does a gal like me turn to on days like this? OK…let me rephrase this. What does […]

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Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

While browsing the enormous Food Blog world this week, I happened upon a great blog with several great recipes and product recommendations. I finally had to stop reading through past posts because my list of recipes I wanted to try kept getting longer and longer! The site is Nosh with Me and it’s managed by […]

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