Spaghetti Toss

I sat down at 2pm this afternoon to write an article for Her Life Magazine. At 10:42pm this evening, the article still is not written. It has nothing to do with the fact that the article is a difficult one to write. The story is fascinating and I pretty much have how I want it…

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And the winner of the cupcake notecards is….

LyB from the blog, …and then I do dishes. The Random Number Generator selected the #1, which corresponded with LyB’s comment! Congratulations LyB! If you weren’t the winner this time, stay tuned for another great giveaway coming up! Also, make sure to check out Miss ‘N Nick Designs. I love to support independent stores and…

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Catching Flies

My mom often told me when I was growing up that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. In other words, being nice will get you further along in the world than being a jerk… so always try to be nice. I try to live by that philosophy as much as possible. No –…

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