Invest in 2014 {Giveaway: Word of the Year Necklace}

Invest in 2014 Word of the Year

Happy 2014, friends! I hope your new year is off to a very happy start!

Every year, instead of giving myself a list of resolutions I most likely won’t keep, I choose one focus word. My word for 2011 was Happiness (hence starting my Happiness Reports), 2012 I chose Connect (which launched my Connect through Reading posts) and 2013 my word was Simplify (Simplify Saturday was a result).

My focus word for 2014 is…

Invest in 2014


So what does it mean to INVEST in 2014? Well, much to my husbands dismay I’m not referring to stocks and savings accounts, necessarily. Instead I’m talking about plans to:

  • Invest time in relationships. Go on regular date nights with my husband, outings with my girlfriends, time with my kids and family.
  • Invest in resources. I can’t do it all. This past year I worked really hard on saying no more often, and that felt great. Even with saying no, I understand I can’t be all things to every person. A true sign of strength is asking for help, so I’ll be investing in resources to help me out with things that I don’t understand or don’t want to invest the time in right now.
  • Invest in quality. Instead of spending money on bargain clothes that won’t last, I’m going to invest in quality pieces for my wardrobe that make me feel really good. I recently invested in some skin care products that have totally improved my skin… it was and continues to be an investment, but I am so glad I made the decision to do so as it has improved my self esteem greatly. Investing in products (and ingredients even) that make me feel good, or that improve the outcome of something will be a focus this year.
  • Invest in my community. I recently read the book Three Little Words, and it has really inspired me to do more…maybe with foster kids or the elderly, I’m not sure which. But either way I know that in 2014 I want to invest more time in doing good for others.
  • Invest in experiences. I’m a homebody, I’ll admit it…but I love to get out and experience things too. This year I’d like to invest in more experiences that get me out of my comfort zone.
  • Invest in myself. I want to take some classes and spend more time doing things that make me really happy. I want to invest in my health and well being…carving out time to exercise and do things that will keep me alive longer. Investing time in myself should probably be top on the list as I know that when I feel fulfilled, it is easier for me to fill the cups of others!

Word of the Year Necklace

Each year I choose a token as a reminder of my focus word. This year I’ve chosen the Word of the Year Necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs. I’d love to give one Dine & Dish reader the opportunity to win one of these necklaces to commemorate a 2014 Focus Word.

Entering the giveaway is simple… just let me know in the comments section what your Focus Word for 2014 is going to be! I’d love to hear why you chose that word and what the word means to you as well! Comments will be accepted through midnight, CST on Wednesday, January 8th. Winner will be chosen via and will be notified via valid email address. Thanks and good luck!

This is not a sponsored post. I am providing the giveaway as a thanks to you all for being here!



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