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#ThisIs40 Week 4 in Photos

Inspired Prompts Writing Prompts

Hey all! Before I get into my #ThisIs40 Week 4 in Photos, I wanted to tell you about a new project I’ve started. So many people contact me each week for advice on writing, so I thought I’d share my free “writing workouts” with those interested. Head over to the new inspiredPrompts page on Dine & Dish to learn more! If you want to improve your writing skills, I promise this will help.

This Is 40 Photo Opener

OK, now on to my #ThisIs40 week 4 in photos!

Steaming Coffee and Newspaper on Sunday

Meg the dog and Nick Doyle

October 27th: If there is one thing that has changed as I’ve aged, it’s the way I spend a Sunday. Currently, I love to read the newspaper and drink my morning coffee before doing anything else in the day. I love Sunday mornings! Oh, and I had to capture Meg snuggling up to Nick. She still growls and barks at him when he walks into a room, but every once in awhile she decides he’s good enough to snuggle by. She’s so goofy.

Leah reading by the fire


Leah tea party tea pot

Leah Sick 2

Ella in the tree

October 28th: I’ve been trying really hard to take most of the day off work on Mondays and Fridays. It’s kind of hitting me hard that Leah will be in kindergarten next year, so on the days she’s home, we’re making the most of it. Today started with Leah wanting a pajama day, which was totally fine with me. We read books, had a tea party, and just hung out together. We went to the park around 2pm, then came home and as soon as we walked in the door she started crying that her back hurt. She was asleep within 10 minutes, sitting on my lap. As the minutes and then hours passed, she was getting warmer and warmer. By that night she had a fever of 104 and was not feeling good at all :( (She ended up being sick until Wednesday night!)

I also loved this picture of Ella up in the biggest tree in our yard. She’s my little monkey!

October 29th Black and White Leaves

October 29th: It began raining today, which made for a perfect couple of days to be inside with a sick kiddo!

leafy autumn path

October 30th: Leah is still sick, but since she missed her Halloween party at school I was feeling awful. We took a little drive to Target for some retail therapy… I caved and bought her a toy horse she had been wanting forever. On the way back, we drove down my favorite nearby road. It’s always gorgeous, no matter what time of year!

leah feeling better selfie with mom

Doyle Halloween 2013

October 31st: Leah was finally fever free and feisty as ever once she woke up today. Just in time for Halloween! We hosted our 6th Annual “Boo in the Bubble” halloween party with our neighbors tonight. My kids had a great time and of course came home with more candy than we need!

bone marrow donor drive

November 1st:  Tonight I volunteered at a bone marrow drive for Be The Match in honor of Super Bo. (Please click here to read Bo’s story!) A bone marrow transplant would greatly help Bo and so many other people who have been diagnosed with Leukemia, Lymphoma and other life threatening diseases. Did you know that registering to be included in the Be The Match bone marrow registry is simple? All it takes is some simple paperwork and a quick swab of your cheek. Please consider signing up to be someone’s cure. Thanks!

Vintage Typewriter and White Coffee Cup

November 2nd: I spent a good part of today getting the prompts and newsletter for inspiredPrompts set up. It was a good, very productive day! (I hope you’ll sign up!)

That’s it for this week! Kelly turns 10 tomorrow, so I’m sure we’ll have lots and lots of birthday pictures to share. I hope you all have a GREAT week!

For other Project 365 and #ThisIs40 posts, make sure to click this link to head to the archives.

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  1. I love this series, Kristen. You have a beautiful family and your pup is adorable. I’m all signed up for the inspired prompts.

  2. Still loving this series and can’t wait to start writing. Going to try my best to make time for it. :-/

  3. Thanks for the promts! I am headed to check them out now! I need to find time, but I know it will be worth it!
    I am loving these post! You seem to have a really great work/life balance! I need a better balance. I am all work all the time, but i can hardly get it done as it is! These post are very inspiring for me!

  4. Love every word you write – you are so inspiring. xo

  5. Amazing photos, as always You’re an inspiration, Kristen!

  6. The pictures you have shared are truly magical! I love them all!!! So very excited for you and the writing program. Its just such a fantastic idea!! I cant wait for the next session. ;)

  7. This is really a fabulous way to document the year! You have such a talent for capturing gorgeous photos!

  8. I love the writing prompt idea! Also, happy birthday little Kelly! Kristen I loved your advice about cherishing time with the little ones when they are little. Seeing these pictures of your kids makes me so hopeful that once our first little one arrives, I can be able to cherish all those small moments and still juggle everything else!

  9. You’re inspiring me just to pick up my camera and take my little guy out for the day, with no particular plans :)I gotta check out your link too!

  10. Loving this series. Trevor started Kindergarten this year. I couldn’t wait! And then I cried for 3 weeks. Bittersweet.

  11. Love all of your pictures Kristen and oh so happy to be part of this writing project. Though I have a degree in Comparative Literature, I believe my writing can use a huge boost. It’s a bit behind and it’s a wonderful time to be inspired. Thanks so much for putting this together.

  12. Loooove it all, especially that mint typewriter. Ugh.

  13. Beautiful photos! These real life in pictures posts are always my favorite! You have such a gorgeous family! Love the idea of taking Monday’s and Friday’s off! Boundaries with blogging are definitely a necessity! :)


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