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Book reviews of  Eleanor & Park, Looking for Alaska, Go Ask Alice, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Tell the Wolves I’m Home and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Plus, as part of the Dine & Dish 7 Year Blogging Celebration, I’m giving away a fabulous Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway as part of 7 years of blogging celebration!Friends, I’m so excited for today because as part of the Dine & Dish 7 Years of Blogging Celebration, I’m giving away one of my absolute favorite things, ever!

I’ve written about how much I love my Kindle Paperwhite compared to the other e-readers I’ve tried. You can read all about that here. Before we start the giveaway though, I have some Connect Through Reading updates for you. It’s the time of year I like to hunker down and read as much as possible, so I have a lot of book updates to share with you today!

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Eleanor and Park Book Review First up is Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Oh, how I loved this book. This book is categorized as Young Adult, but don’t let that deter you from reading it. Eleanor & Park is a hear warming and sometimes heart wrenching story of a deep and meaningful friendship that is told over the course of a year. As these two teenage misfits get to know each other, they begin to fall in love – this love story will take you right back to your first, young love and will ignite those same butterflies all over again. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, your heart will break just a little, and you’ll experience the most intense hand holding scene, ever. I highly recommend Eleanor & Park and gave it 5 stars on Goodreads.

(I wrote the author begging for a sequel… I miss these characters and want to know what happens to them next!)

Download Eleanor & Park on your Kindle here, buy the paper copy on Amazon, or add it to your virtual library on Goodreads, here.

Looking for Alaska Book Review

Since I loved The Fault in Our Stars by John Green so much, I decided to give another one of his books a chance, and I was not disappointed. Looking for Alaska is a story about a young man who leads a pretty boring, non-existent life in a small town. When he makes the choice to go to a prestigious boarding school, his life changes from boring to intense over night…all because he meets Alaska Young. This is another Young Adult book (seemed pretty grown up for that, but that’s probably my naivety) that deals with some pretty heavy issues, but still in a light hearted, tender way. I really enjoyed Looking for Alaska and gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.

Download Looking for Alaska for your Kindle here, but the paper copy on Amazon here, or add it to your virtual library on Goodreads, here.

Go Ask Alice

I originally picked up the book Go Ask Alice after I read that Eleanor & Park was being banned from a library in Nebraska (which seems ridiculous to me, but that’s for a different time, different day.) A friend of mine mentioned she remembered the same hubbub happening with Go Ask Alice when she was in high school, so I became curious and decided to check it out. Go Ask Alice is the anonymous journal of a teenage girl who takes the path of drugs and destruction. It’s a parents nightmare kind of book… sweet, good girl turned bad once she begins hanging out with a friend who introduces her to drugs for the first time. Alice becomes hooked and documents her struggles with addiction real time through her journal. Go Ask Alice was ok…it was scary and eye opening, but not my favorite book. I gave it 2 stars on Goodreads.

Download Go Ask Alice on your Kindle here, buy the paper copy on Amazon here, or add it to your virtual library on Goodreads, here.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward TulaneIf you are looking for a meaningful chapter book to read with your child, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo is one you must pick up. The premise of the book sounds bizarre (a rabbit “doll” takes a long journey discovering the true meaning of love) but the story is anything but. Heart warming, engaging, tender and more, I think you and your kids will really enjoy reading this book.  I gave The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane 5 stars on Goodreads (and so did my daughter, Kelly!)

Download The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane on your Kindle here, buy the paper copy on Amazon here, or add it to your virtual library on Goodreads, here.

The Ocean at the End of the LaneI’m keeping this short and sweet…The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gailman has received so many rave reviews but it totally was not my thing. I should have read that it was Fantasy, which is not a genre I enjoy, so I shouldn’t have even picked it up in the first place. I gave it 2 stars on Goodreads, which was simply because it’s obvious Gaiman is a master at fantasy storytelling.

You can download The Ocean at the End of the Lane on your Kindle here, a paper copy on Amazon here, or add it to your virtual library on Goodreads here.

Tell the Wolves I'm Home

I really enjoyed Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. In 1987 June Elbus favorite uncle Finn dies from AIDS. It was an era where no one really knew about AIDS so a lot of questions went unanswered. The man who June’s family called “the murderer” of Finn(his boyfriend, Toby) reaches out to June after the funeral and what develops is an unlikely secret friendship that changes both June, Toby and the Elbus family for good. I gave Tell the Wolves I’m Home 5 stars on Goodreads (would have given it 4 1/2 if that was an option).

Download Tell the Wolves I’m Home on your Kindle here, purchase the paper version on Amazon here, or add it to your virtual library on Goodreads, here.

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  1. says

    Oh! I neeeeeeed a new Kindle! Mine got all busted and it was devastating. I LOVED Eleanor & Park! So much so, that I’m trying to convince my husband to let me name this baby Park. Have you read The Fault in Our Stars? The author of it actually gave Eleanor & Park a rave review, and if you like E & P, you would LOVE it. So so so good. Thanks for the giveaway, Kristen!

  2. Melissa says

    I just finished Bared to You….. It’s a more mature version of the Fifty Shades book without all the S&M. I am also rereading the Hunger Games Catching Fire book before watching the movie :)

  3. Jen Shannon says

    One of my favorite recent reads was Gone Gork. It was a book I just couldn’t put down, but I definitely didn’t like the ending. It felt as though it ended rather abruptly or like the writer just have up and quickly wrote an ending.

  4. Luanna says

    I love Tana French books! I am reading the last one right now. She will be releasing her next book in 2014. They are Irish murder mysteries. Every book takes you thru a murder case in the eyes of the detective trying to solve it.

  5. Shelby says

    The best book I’ve read lately is”Favorite Wife: Escape From Polygamy” by Susan Ray Schmidt. I couldn’t put it down!

  6. Robin B. says

    The Night Circus was the greatest book I’ve read in the last year. It is beautifully descriptive, captivating you with magic I have never before found in a book!! Happy Reading, all!

  7. Emily says

    I have been reading a ton lately! I recently finished The Paris Wife about Ernest Hemingway’s first wife. It was a great read but definitely had a melancholy tone throughout it. I am now re-reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamont. I read it years ago and remember it being good but now that I am older and have daughters, it really brings a new meaning to it. After this book I plan on finding some light reading!

  8. Jessica says

    Just finished the Fifty Shades of Grey series… Loved it! Can’t wait to look into the books you’ve recommended:)


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