#ThisIs40 Week 3 in Pictures

#ThisIs40 Week 3 in Photos from dineanddish.netHi all! It’s time to share week 3 of my 40th year! Here we go!

Photo of Ella age 7 lauging

Kennedy-Ella-Oct-20th Oct20th-Ella-Grandma

October 20th: Ella got to be the star of today’s pictures. The first picture is typical Ella… always happy, except when she’s not 😉 The second is Ella with my beautiful niece, Kennedy. The last photo is Ella getting tickled by Grandma (Nick’s mom). We had a fun filled morning with family then the boys went off to watch the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Texans!

Wagon full of Doyle kids at the pumpkin patch

October-23-Pumpkin-Patch Oct-23-Kylee-Kelly October-23rd-Leah-Running Oct-23rd-Ella-Pumpkins October-23-Jacob-Daniel

October 21st: The kids were out of school today, so I decided to take them to Schaake’s Pumpkin Patch in Lawrence, KS. Kelly’s and Jacob’s best friends came with us and we had such a fun time picking out the perfect pumpkins, running through the hay bale maze and enjoying the perfect fall day! I absolutely love pumpkin patch day!

1 month old Sam being held

October 22nd: My friend Heather (from the Scraps by Heather Blog) had the most precious baby boy a month ago. This is me, spending my afternoon, holding baby Sam. It was not a bad way to spend a day at all. Looking forward to doing it again very soon!


October 23rd: Leah goest to preschool from 10-3 on Wednesday so I decided to go on a little adventure. I had the most wonderful day today venturing out of my little part of Kansas City to a restaurant I hadn’t been to before. My friend Johnna and I met at the cutest little cafe called T.Loft. I fell so in love with their space and had a wonderful lunch time catching up with Johnna. Afterwards, since I had a few extra minutes, I stopped at Trader Joe’s and picked up a bag of indulgent must haves (flowers, Cookie Butter, ciabatta bread, etc). It was a wonderful day!

Sprucing up my workspace with a vase of flowers

Jenny Long and I with our paintings from Friendship  Art night at the winery

October 24th: I started my morning off today by sprucing up my workspace some with some of the fresh flowers I bought yesterday at Trader Joe’s. I love hydrangeas, don’t you? Also, my friend Jenny and I had the best time getting in touch with our inner artist at a wine and painting night by Friendship Art. This was one of the funnest things I’ve done in awhile! If you live in the Kansas City area, make sure to check out their Facebook page for future events. They also do private events! Jenny and I are thinking it would be fun to do a mother daughter painting party… don’t you?

Leah and Meg sleeping in my bed

October 25th: This may be one of my favorite pics of all time, just because it truly describes my “happy place”. Leah and I had a lazy day, where we stayed in our PJ’s and watched movies most of the day. We even ate lunch in my bed, which never gets to happen! At one point, both Meg and Leah were asleep (or almost asleep on my lap). It was a priceless moment I am happy I was able to capture!

October 26th Pumpkins and flare

October 26th: As much as I hate that it is getting dark so much earlier, I can’t help but love how long that perfect “golden” light sticks around in the late afternoon. I absolutely love it!

Well, that’s it for my week in pictures! Thanks again for being here. Remember, for pictures that may not make the cut for my #ThisIs40 posts, you can always follow me on Instagram!

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    • says

      You and your kind comments about my photography always make me happy. Thank you :) And yes – yay for adventure week! Not a lot of adventure but I’ve decided just normal everyday fun is adventure enough for me :)

    • says

      Thank you so much! I always feel so guilty doing stuff like that during my “free” time, but this week I decided what the heck and just went for it! It was a great day :)

  1. says

    I agree, I’m not happy about the shorter days, but I do LOVE that golden glow that happens in the later part of the day this time of year! Such gorgeous pictures!

  2. says

    What a wonderful And inspirational week. I can’t wait for the day when I feel like I don’t have to work my butt off and can start enjoying more of the things that I enjoy. I must remind myself that this is not a dress rehearsal… This is life!

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