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The Happiness Report #24

The Happiness Report #24 from dineanddish.netHappy Happiness Report Day, everyone! Are you ready to share in some happy? Let’s do it!

First off, my newest coffee mug from Pier 1 is the best, don’t you think? I love this time of year and the beginning of sweater season!

Humans of New York Book


This book is bringing me so much joy. As much as I absolutely love the website, there is something about reading the stories and looking through the pictures while holding it all in your hands that makes it a different experience. I will be loving this book for years to come! Also, after watching this video, I’m vowing to take my camera out into the world with me more and to ask people more questions!

I will be doing my first half marathon tomorrow morning. As you know from this blog post I’ve been struggling with running since signing up. I’ll be really happy when race day is over and done. Hopefully I’ll still be breathing and alive!

If you love to read and love getting book recommendations based on other books you’ve read and enjoyed, check out this site. Pretty cool, right?

ec-plannerMy new Erin Condren Planner arrived this past week… This is my second Erin Condren planner and I love it so much! If you love beautiful things and products to help you stay organized, check out her line of products here. She also has a deal right now where if you buy something through my referral link, you’ll get $10 off your order! She doesn’t have sales very often, so that’s pretty exciting!

This blog… oh this beautiful blog. It’s not new to me, but it has absolutely shot up in my rank of favorites. I could look at this style of photography every day!

I’ve been trying a new thing out on Facebook where I am showcasing a “Featured Blog of the Day”. Make sure to follow Dine & Dish on facebook so you can be introduced to some great blogs!

And finally, this picture is sure to make you smile… I just know it!


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  1. Love the mug and the planner! I have been looking for a good planner so I am going to have to check out Erin’s site. Things that make me happy: watching my 7-year old reading An American Girl series, hugs and kisses from my little boy, drawings of our whole family from my 4-yeard old and cozy evenings with my Hubby. Also, Threshold plates from Target and apples straight from the orchard! :)

  2. I love my Erin Condren planner so much! And that mug?? I’m obsessed with it and must get one!!

  3. Love the mug and Adventures in cooking. And, I hope the marathon was great! :)

  4. I saw your post on Adventures in Cooking and added her site immediately to my feedly account. I just love her food and THAT photography is gorgeous!

  5. I honestly went to P1 to look for this mug and couldn’t find it in my store in Little Rock. Oh well. So cute though. Thanks for the new blog to look at. Can you do a post on how you use your planner – especially in terms of blogging. And what makes me happy: date nights with my hubs, losing weight, reading a good book in a quiet place, walk/jogging outside in the fall.


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