The Happiness Report #23

The Happiness Report on Things I've found around the web that make me happy!


Would you like to know what doesn’t make me happy? The fact that I haven’t shared a Happiness Report since March. That’s ridiculous. What else is ridiculous is the fact that I have let the things that I love most about blogging… Happiness Reports, Project 365, Connect Through Reading Posts, etc. slide while I focused on things that I like but don’t love. What the heck is wrong with me that all the great things get pushed to the bottom of my to do list while other, less meaningful things take over? Ugh!

Anyway, this isn’t an unhappiness report… it’s a happiness report. So without further ado. here are a few awesome things making me happy lately!



We just got back from the most wonderful family vacation in Holland, Michigan. I can’t wait to blog about it soon and tell you all about it because you all NEED to put the upper part of #PureMichigan on your vacation bucket list. It was such a wonderful vacation!

Spiceologist block


It makes me really happy when friends take chances and work really hard on making dreams come true! Heather from Farmgirl Gourmet has a Kickstarter campaign happening right now that could really use some backing and support from all of us! The Spiceologist Block is the coolest solution for storing all of our herbs and spices!  There are 10 days left in her campaign and I know she would really love a push to get this project funded. If you could contribute financially, great. If not, if you could at least tweet about it and share it with your friends on facebook, I know she’d be happy. And that would make me happy!

Adam Levine ShirtMy friend Kelly and I are heading to St Louis tomorrow to see Adam Levine up close! We have VIP tickets to the Maroon 5 concert with Kelly Clarkson. I’m a bit of a fan, if you didn’t know that already, so I’m pretty happy about this opportunity! Plus, don’t you just love that t-shirt?

wine in here coffee cupIf you follow Dine & Dish on Facebook, you’ve already seen this mug from the Chantilly Stay Etsy store. I know a few people who would love one of these!




This post from Handle the Heat comparing how different ingredients and techniques change the end result of your chocolate chip cookies is one of the most brilliant things I’ve seen in awhile!

What this family is doing is a bit insane, but so brave. I really love reading about their adventures! (& their photography is amazing, to boot!)

I’ve gotten so many great ideas from this MAKE pinterest board lately!

If you love dogs, you’ve got to watch this precious video! It’ll make you smile real big!

My friend Kelly from Foxen Media wrote an incredibly informative book about creating a media kit. I’m so happy for her – and you’ll be happy if you buy it because you’ll learn a TON!

I’m training for a half marathon (which I love and hate) and am using this app. It’s so great and the money they raise to purchase it goes to a great cause!

That’s it for me… now it’s your turn…




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  1. Jackie Davis says

    Loved your happiness report. I always learn something new from you! Looking forward to hearing more about Michigan. I sent away and got a visitors guide for Holland. Beautiful place! Keep sharing.

    • says

      Oh Jackie – I really hope you go to Holland. I think you’d love it! I’ll make sure you know when my post goes up! Hopefully next week :)

  2. says

    I love your happiness report!! and the first photo is truly amazing :)

    when it was announced that adam levine got engaged, i immediately thought about you! hahaha. so glad you are getting to meet him in person tomorrow, have fun!!


    • says

      Hehe – I received so many tweets and facebook messages when that news came out. That cracked me up :)
      Thanks for your kind words, by the way :)

  3. says

    What half are you running? I’m contemplating the Sarasota half in the spring, but haven’t committed. 5ks seem so much less daunting. I created a Mommy Bucket List at the start of the summer and am really crossing things off – THAT makes me happy. Plus it’s great stuff like yoga and paddleboarding.

    • says

      Oh did you blog about your mommy bucket list? I’d love to see that!
      I’m running the Kansas City half in October. I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up for it… I’ve never even wanted to run that kind of distance, ever! I’m kind of at the “oh crap – can I do this??” stage of things…which isn’t great!
      Yay for yoga and paddleboarding!!

      • says

        I started to do a family summer bucket list and then decided I’d rather do my own. So far, so good. I always say in races that I’m not afraid to walk – I never have, but I sure would if I felt like it. I guess that’s setting the bar low but it helps with my anxiety… At least October will be nice weather for it. Have fun!

        • says

          Love it – I think a bucket list for mama is a GREAT idea!
          Um, I totally plan on walking in intervals. I would never make it running 13 miles. Ever!

  4. says

    My husband and I talk about going to Holland all of the time. He is from there and hasn’t been back in eons. Looking at your pics make me want to gas up the car and hit the dusty trail! Thanks so much for the Spiceologist Block shoutout! You are a great friend and I appreciate you!!!! Thanks for getting back to the Happiness Reports – I’ve missed them!!


    • says

      Wait – what? Your Husband is from Holland and you all don’t go BACK? Are you crazy? Definitely get your butt’s back there, soon!!

      • says

        I know I know. His parents moved to CA in 2003 and so he hasn’t had a reason to go back other than to just be a tourist….we will definitely be doing it in the future for sure. So glad you enjoyed that beautiful place.

  5. says

    Love reading these happiness reports, so good to focus on the positive! I bought the media kit book and I’m learning so much. Hope you have the best time ever at the concert and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • says

      You bet I’ll let you know and will instagram-ho the heck out of it :) I’m so glad you love Kelly’s book… she’ll be thrilled to hear that!

    • says

      We’d love to go up to Petosky next time too – I’ve heard it is pretty amazing! Thanks for your comment. News about your daughter made me happy!

  6. says

    Hooray on your happiness report! Enjoy Adam. I will enjoy his video on my laptop and pretend he’s singing “Love Somebody” to me.

  7. says

    Your happiness reports always, always make me smile. It was a great way to wake up this morning. And, of course, summer break makes me very happy, too! We are totally soaking up these final four weeks of summer break…while consciously making a list of all of the things that make me happy about fall, too. 😉

  8. Shelly says

    I’m happy I checked Bloglovin today and saw this.
    I’m happy my husband found a job teaching.
    I’m happy we had enough money to buy the plethora of plunder the kids needed for back to school.
    I’m happy I have a job to return to… in 2 weeks!
    I’m happy the dress I ordered came in on time for my 20 year reunion and fits!
    I’m borderline happy with this crazy Midwestern weather.
    I’m borderline happy that it’s back to school- we need to get back to a routine.
    But I’m oh so sad I will have 2 kids in junior high now- wah!!!!

    • says

      I loved your list! Thanks for sharing it :) 2 in Junior High? Oh my… My oldest enters Junior High this year and I’m having serious anxiety about it! Any tips for mom survivial? :)

  9. says

    Loving your Happiness Report, Kristen! You always share the love and give back with little morsels of goodness. (Appreciate the link on creating a media kit. It is something I must do soon.) So happy you enjoyed Michigan! Hubby and I were both born and raised there. Still have family in Ann Arbor and up near Traverse City. Vacationed “Up North” as kids all the time…both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron sides of the “mitten”. The boating and swimming, so much fun. And, the tart cherries! Oh, my. The Cherry Festival…and, the sand dunes. So much summer family fun! Thanks for sharing! xo P.S. Yes, that T-shirt! Thought of you immediately when Adam’s engagement was announced. Hahaha! 😉

    • says

      I had so many texts, tweets and fb messages when Adam got engaged – it cracked me up. I need to add faniac of Adam Levine to my bio, apparently :)
      I can’t wait to go back to Michigan… missing it!

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