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Low-Calorie Snacking – Dole Banana Dippers

This post is sponsored by Dole Banana Dippers.

Dole Banana Dippers on www.dineanddish.netHowdy, friends! There’s a new low calorie snack in town that you need to get your hands on!

Dole Banana Dippers… thick slices of fresh Dole bananas coated in creamy dark chocolate and frozen to make the perfect hot weather treat! The dark chocolate Dole Banana Dippers are only 100 calories a package and the dark chocolate Dole Banana Dippers dipped in nuts are only 120 calories per package. Each package contains 4 chocolate dipped slices… enough to satisfy any chocolate craving you might be having!

Dole Banana Dippers 2


I have some friends coming over for a girls night in this week and can’t wait to introduce them to these tasty nibblers. They are a decadent, chocolate treat without any of the high calorie guilt! They are going to love them!

I’m on Weight Watchers and appreciate that I can enjoy Dole Banana Dippers and only use up 2 points per serving/package. They also make a great pre-run or post-run snack!

Stay tuned for my post party blog post about my Girls Night In with Dole Banana Dippers. You can follow along on Instagram and Twitter with the #DoleBananaDippers hashtag or like Dole Banana Dippers on facebook for more information!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dole Banana Dippers. All opinions expressed are my own)



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  1. These sound soo good!!

  2. These are wonderful! I could keep them at school in the little freezer part of my fridge! Perfect for a snack!

  3. Love these cute little bites!

  4. These look great, my kids would literally go bananas over these :)

  5. These sound delicious sand like something I would need when I’m craving chocolate!

  6. I am addicted to these little bites – so tasty! Can I come to girl’s night?

  7. I want these, and then I want to make my own of these. They look divine!

  8. These are so fun! And I could seriously munch on these all day in this summer heat!

  9. Trucko and I split a pack tonight and they were a hit! In fact, I have now put him to bed and I may go get myself my own pack. Thanks for the tip on them!!

  10. I tried these little fellows at BlogHer Food and fell in love!! It’s the perfect dessert!

  11. These look so good! I could easily work my way through a pack! :)

  12. Wow these are a wonderful little treat :)


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    Low-Calorie Snacking – Dole Banana Dippers – Dine and Dish

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