It’s Always a Good Time for Girlfriends

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Girls Night In With Dole Banana Dippers


When I turned 39, I wrote that one of my goals for the next year was to really nurture my friendships. I’ve been putting relationships with my girlfriends on the back burner for far too long, even though I know how important time with girlfriends can be.

I was thankful when my friends at Dole Banana Dippers suggested having a girls night in…what a great excuse to get together with some of my favorite people!


I invited friends who I can be “real” around… you know, the ones who know that deep down, I’m really a hot mess. (Don’t you love that wine glass? Check out my friend Renee’s online store to get one of your own!)

Girl Talk

We kept things casual, enjoyed some wine and great food, like the Chocolate Almond Banana Dippers. We had most important conversations like…why has Kirk Cameron been so over the top with things lately? What’s up with the lyrics to Robin Thicke’s new song? Where in the world did Richard Marx fall off the planet and go? We’re changing the world, one conversation at a time 😉

SwagI was also excited to give my friends the opportunity to win some fun prizes. Everyone got to take some things home that will hopefully encourage them to have more girl time! Nothing like The Notebook and a facial to give a gal a break from reality!

Dole-Banana-DippersA very special thanks to Dole Banana Dippers for sponsoring this girls night in! If you haven’t had the chance to try Dole Banana Dippers, you can read more about these indulgent, low calorie treats on this post. You can find Dole Banana Dippers in the frozen treat section of your grocery store.

Disclosure: Dole provided me with product as well as compensation for my time. All opinions expressed are my own. 



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  1. says

    I share the same goal as you about nurturing friendships…I’ve been stinking at it for some time now! Love your get together, fun!!

  2. says

    Surprisingly – I know the answer to the Richard Marx question – part of the whole recovering publicist thing. Like many other 8os acts, he’s still touring and just released a new single. As for Kirk Cameron – well – I haven’t paid attention to his antics in a hot minute (I’m afraid to find out now) and Robin Thicke – that man can sing the phonebook and I’d be a happy gal :)

    Your get together sounds like it was an absolute blast!!!

  3. says

    I’m so glad you had fun. What a great group of gals! Richard Marx is actually on Twitter…right there, waiting for you ;>)

  4. Jenny says

    So much fun Kristen! Thanks for having us over – I know Tamsen had a great time too…perfect timing for a little “girl time” in the midst of our crazy (fun) summer kid chaos over here!
    Btw…Jules was just looking over my shoulder and said ‘Kristen has her own website?!?! That…is…SO…AWESOME!!!!” :)

  5. Linda Petteys says

    well Kirk Cameron really cares about this nation of ours and the path it’s on – which is leading us into a hole and I’m not talking about politics. I’m talking about morality and high personal values. He is a great example for the men in this country – whether you think that’s cool or not…it’s true. I love the wine glass too!

    • says

      Did you get the chance to see Unstoppable? I went last week and it was really good… a little too theatrical in some parts, but truly thought provoking!
      Thanks for your comment, Linda!

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